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Club Hill Climb Championships 3rd October

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The annual Hill Climb Championships will take place on Sunday 3rd October, 09:30 meet for 10:00 start.

Unfortunately, Renfrewshire Council have not responded to my road closure request, so unlike previous years, the road will remain open. This sadly means that the Jets will not have their own event on the day, although that should not prevent the senior Jets from entering the club championship and providing stiff competition to the grown ups.

Like all events, I will need a volunteer to timekeep at the finish, and a couple of Marshall’s at the top and bottom of the hill.

I will timekeep at the start.

Post event, riders are more than welcome to go off on a run somewhere.

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14 riders entered the event on a cool, blustery morning. Results as follows.

Andy Ross 00:02:34  
Colin Edgar 00:02:25  
Diane Gray 00:02:48  
Chris Marsh 00:01:54  
Ritchie Provan 00:01:53  
Rob Gunson 00:01:34    2
James Ross (J) 00:01:53  
Murray Gray (J) 00:01:56  
Evan Marsh (J) 00:01:58  
Fraser Anderson (J) 00:02:18  
Ruari Mulholland (J) 00:02:18  
Sam Edgar (J) 00:01:43   3
Jamie Thomson (J) 00:01:27    1
Jann Lapsley (Ebike) 00:01:45  


Congratulations to Jamie on retaining his title from last year, and to Jann as the first ebike entry to take part. Maybe next year, we can have a few more ebikes taking part.

Well done to all the riders, this really is a brutal little climb.

Big thanks also to our Marshalls and timekeepers on the day, and to the support.

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