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Return of the Track

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The track has now reopened and you have to do a reaccreditation , which will be a basic check of your track skills.
So what should you do before you attend, if you ride tubs check that the tub is still glued to the rim and the glue has not become brittle , test by trying to take the tub of the wheel, check that the tub is still attached to the lighter base part of the tub, inflate and check for cracks in the rubber , if looking iffy replace. If your tubs not glued you shouldn’t be riding on taped tubs so get them glued.

For clinchers , check that they are holding air, and that the rubber has not cracked or perished , again if looking iffy replace .

After you have completed you first visit you will be able to book a coach lead session, there will be no drop in sessions for the next few months , this means that everybody will be doing the same thing during the session, plus numbers will be limited, these sessions will develop as numbers increase .


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2 hours ago, KarenG said:

Is there any talk of when hire will return Billy?

Not at the moment, it’s likely that will be the last thing to return 

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