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Covid Update 01/12/2020 - Travel

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Within the last hour I have received the following update on travel, i.e. ride, restrictions from Scottish Cycling and SportScotland, the same is posted by Scottish Cycling on their Facebook page. The guidance on travel has now passed into law and will have a significant impact on many potential club rides at all levels. The legislation on travel restrictions also applies to informal social rides (non-club activity) of up to two households. Group sizes remain as before i.e. up to seven on a club organised bunch ride. With thanks, Eric

Dear Covid-19 Coordinator, 
I hope that this email finds you well.  I have less positive news today I am afraid. Following the introduction and subsequent passage of the legislation on Travel in the Scottish Parliament, sportscotland has now provided an update to all SGBs on what this legislation means for sport.
In essence:
  • For Adults, living in Level 3 or 4 areas, you cannot travel outside of your Local Authority area for club activity. This includes club rides, which must stay within the boundary of the LA.
  • For Children and Young People (U18) at Level 4 areas, you cannot travel outside of your Local Authority area for club activity.
  • The 5 mile rule only now applies to recreational/informal activity which must adhere to the 6 from 2 households rule.
  • Coaches/MTB/Ride Leaders continue to remain exempt from the travel legislation and can move freely across all levels.
Full Protection Levels Framework document including these updates can be found here.

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