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Covid19 update 23/09/2020

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New message from Scottish Cycling¬†ūüė∑
We have now had it confirmed from sportscotland that as a result of yesterdays announcements, there is NO impact on organised sport.
The importance of organised sport complying with the SGB guidance has been reinforced, particularly with the regards to the following:
  • Encouraging all club members to download the Protect Scotland app -¬†www.protect.scot
  • Ensure that all clubs have in place at least one Covid-19 Coordinator, a Risk Assessment is in place, and a record of all attendees is kept for at least 21 days after an activity has taken place.
  • Wider societal rules apply outside of the organised activity. Please continue to reinforce to club members the importance of adhering to this, considering the image that we portray if large groups are seen without physical distancing before and after activities

Please encourage all club members to ensure they have knowledge of what the guidance is, and ensure that they know who their club Covid-19 Coordinator is for the purposes of Test & Protect.

JWCC - Covid19 

I'd like to believe that most of you have read my previous Covid19 Updates and know what is expected from each of us, when JWCC is out on the road, pretty well by now.

Below is the link to our most up to date Scottish Cycling (SC) guidance, which hasn't changed recently, and would encourage every rider to take a little time to read through this so we can all understand what our personal responsibilities are when riding, congregating, and at café stops. Please plan accordingly for before, during and after each group ride. 

My thanks go to each of the volunteer bunch ride co-ordinators to date for their part in taking the Test & Protect rider contact details for the club register and promptly sending these on to me. 

As a reminder, any member intending to organise a JWCC bunch ride then please make sure you have fully read and understood the latest SC guidance document, confirm with all participants of their need to comply with the general societal rules, and forward the rider contact details, time of ride and any café stop locations  to me as soon as possible following completion of the ride. Ideally this will happen automatically and I won't have to chase folk up for these lists. Activities, bunch rides and gatherings posted in the name of JWCC on The Forum, club Facebook page and JWCC WhatsApp will qualify for the need to report. Details of all member riders and any guests are to be included - no exceptions.

Finally, If you are unsure of any aspect of the Covid guidance then please do ask for clarification rather than 'winging it'..... it is up to all of us to get this right! (and remember - no house parties!¬†ūüėü)


With thanks,


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