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so we are now allowed non socially distanced group rides of up to 30 people. You will have to socially distance when not riding though 🤷🏻‍♂️
This means that up to 27 more than last week can attend 👍 

I have a ride round Galston-Moscow in mind & will upload it from Strava if I can work out how to do it. 
It’d be good to get a big group out. I know plenty of people were out last weekend  with splinter cells. Your prerogative but why not get value for your £30 membership fee? Unless you have Covid symptoms. If so, stay away 👊

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7 minutes ago, Richie P said:

I will be at the club rooms at 9.30 others are meeting at bowfield so it’s still on 

If only folk would post up on here. You will have to take phone numbers & pass on to Eric.

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Cracking day in the saddle with a big bunch of 10 on the Galston Leg Bender route.  Forgot how tough some of those hills were!  Great to be back out in a bunch again!!  Hopefully be out again next week.  I'll email details of who was there to Eric :)

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