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Mont Ventoux

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one of my mates is planning to go to Mont Ventoux in Aug/Sept, and was wondering if i had any pointers. i haven't done it, so was wondering if any of you guys had any tips ? Places to stay, which side is best to climb from, or anything else that might be useful..






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Stay in Bedion at the foot of the long classic way up. There are three ways up I have done all 3 but the classic route from the car park in the town is the best and most well known, from there it’s fairly gentle out through the town then after a few Ks you take a turn and the mountain starts proper , through the wooded section with the average slope every 1k just to tease you , after what seems like an age you come out at the chateaux and you see the top and now it can be really hard if the wind is blowing if not it’s just hard summit is just over 2100m I think.

Orange is another fairly close town and within riding distance , your mate could try and join the three routes club by riding all three in a day but Bedouin is definitely the best route 

If he wants a longer challenge ride the stage of a few years ago fro Vallence along the river then through some up and down country 


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