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David Raymond Trophy Tuesday 13th August

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As last year, 2 awards on the night, 1 for first past the post, and the David Raymond Trophy for the handicapped team. There are two teams who need to come back and defend their titles from last year (if they can!), and lots of competition.

7.00 for 7.15 off at the Georgetown road.

We need some volunteers to timekeep and hold for this club championship event.

I intend to ride as one half of Team Still Game.

Following the event, and weather permitting, there will be a short social run, culminating in refreshments.

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35 minutes ago, Galeb said:

Me and Marc will be riding. 

Iain and Ian you should consider road bikes for a proper challenge ;-)

Iain desperately wants this trophy but he has been persuaded to risk all and sacrifice our superior aero knowledge and intellectual advantage. Road bikes it is! Road racing gear only. So if you wouldn't wear it in a road race you can't wear it tomorrow night. Iain will probably wear his Rapha gear and pink shoes but that's OK as long as he never turns up to a road race in them.




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Some tactical thinking from Charlie...

I am going to come down and will pair up with anyone.

There has been a substantial spillage of straw under the motorway, it did not affect me driving one bit, but for those cycling in from Houston it may be significant.  It also may be largely dispersed along the road by the time we get to it.

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