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Georgetown Cup - 7th Spetember

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Start times


185 12:05:00 Paul Mcdonald Johnstone Wheelers
186 12:06:00 Charles Mccusker Johnstone Wheelers
187 12:07:00 Ian Mcginty Johnstone Wheelers
188 12:08:00 Conal Davidson Johnstone Wheelers
189 12:09:00 Joseph Mcintosh Johnstone Wheelers
190 12:10:00 Alan Thomson Johnstone Wheelers
191 12:11:00 Iain Mctavish Johnstone Wheelers
192 12:12:00 Galeb Aqel Johnstone Wheelers
193 12:13:00 Sam Mcgrath Johnstone Wheelers
194 12:14:00 Paul Leavy Johnstone Wheelers
195 12:15:00 Stuart Tennant Johnstone Wheelers
196 12:16:00 James Snodgrass Johnstone Wheelers
197 12:17:00 Richard Provan Johnstone Wheelers
198 12:18:00 Ian Archibald Johnstone Wheelers

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Good effort today, and an overall 2nd place. I have 2 medals belonging to 2 of the team who weren't able to make the presentation at the end. I'm not sure where the others went.

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