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Since it's Easter I think it's time I rise again!

Remember me? I used to be well fast....

Due to my three year sabbatical I have become way too short for my weight! The only training I have been doing is cycling from Houston to Kilmalcolm with the kids and getting a fry up!

So here are my chain gang and weight goals for this season,

Weeks 1-2 Get to the end of the Georgetown
Weight - The same as a Billy and Geo lovechild.

Weeks 2-4 Get to Bishopton
Weight - Greg Balden with a pair of heavy boots on.

Weeks 4-6 Get over the Cote du Bishy (I named it after my famous dropping on it during the Bogs)
Weight - Charlie giving Gummers a piggy back

Weeks 6-8 Hang on to the bottom of the Clune
Weight - Gunson/Archibald wet through

Weeks 8+ Give everyone a pumping!!
Weight - My right leg weighing the same as P McDonald!

See you tomorrow night if my kit fits!!!

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1 hour ago, Alan McLean said:

Will join around Red Smiddy. Looks like nice night. I have new kit and will look stunning, like the lovechild of Sagan and Gilbert, thanks again to Robbie for kit.

Alan, I might not last to the Smiddy, I hope you look wonderful!

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We were fortunate to witness one of the great comebacks in sporting history tonight......with Charlie getting some points in the sprint after a week in Augusta giving Tiger Woods some golfing tips. Decent return from Ross too.


Sam-  5

Galeb - 4

Me - 3

Alan Mcl - 2

Colin - 1 (may be Paul im just going off strava flyby)



Me - 6

Paul Mcd- 4

Alan H - 3

Andy - 2

Charlie - 1


I dont have decent internet at the moment so will post full results when BT get round to sorting my broadband.



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That felt harder than last week, with the pace picking up a notch after the roadworks, and then again up Bishy hill. 

First time I've made it to the end though, even if I did blow up a bit on the Georgetown.

Roll on next week.:)

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Was a good run tonight. Bit messy on Georgetown road to the finish. Who's idea was to go through the inside rather than outside icon_blue_laugh. Made sense with the wind direction but it seems bunch didnt get it. 

Managed to run over big hole on way home with bunch and got a puncture. Got new tube in and it seems it had a hole in it before hand. Good thing I had a patch kit that sorted it out. Last thing you want when your sweaty and its starting to get cold.

ryan reynolds ugh GIF by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment

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Good fun as always :)

I agree Alan that was your most desperate post ever. To answer question Jan, Colin and I just rolled over together probably not realising there was a point up for grabs :roll: But I started ahead so fly by would be Colin.

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