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Alan McLean

Your maintenance class topics please

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Hi all

We will repeat the maintenance classes. Format will be 90 mins in the clubrooms on a Monday night. Sessions will be led by club members but very informal and for sharing ideas.

Can you please post ideas for topics here.

Committee is thinking:

Puncture repair

Tubeless tyre set up

Gear/brake adjustment

Famous getyouhome hacks

Wheel truing

What else would you like to see?



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Headsets, hubs and bike building/restoration in 6 easy technicolour installments by Chung - 'nuff said.

In all seriousness, you could start at the front end and simply work your way along the bike covering all elements as you go, from setting up bars and stems, right down to the likes of replacing brake pads, cable routing and redoing bar tape. I think it would be fair to assume that for some this might seem unnecessary but to others it might be a case of answering questions they are too afraid to ask or in some cases don't even know to ask. As a suggestion, a donor bike could be used and completely stripped and rebuilt. I have a 'retired' manky steel frame (quill stem for the purists) with some parts still attached which I'd be happy to donate as a start. There might even be obsolete bikes in the container that could be used to let people get hands on with the freedom of getting it wrong. Monkey see/monkey do style seminars with plenty of practice and tips along the way perhaps? 

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As a newbie I am struggling with the basics I need to learn so this is a fab idea. What time is this at? Handlebar adjustments as I can't reach my front brakes.  My fingers need to be longer.

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Buy decent tools ..something like Bahco  Allen keys and Torx heads.  Do not buy a set of torx keys, buy the one or two sizes you need in the form of torx screwdrivers they ensure you apply a direct torque force to prevent rounding off the bolt. Cheap tools are false economy. 

Remove all dome headed allen bolts and consign them to the bin, replace with decent bolts, they are far less likely to end up stuck in your £1000 frame.

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