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Alan McLean

JWCC membership review

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I need help cleaning up our membership records. Most of the recent ex-members will receive a group email but I am posting here because I know  some contact details are outdated.

1. If you have renewed membership and paid subs, great! Thank you!

2. If you have not renewed but would like to do so (before your forum access is cut off) then go here https://www.britishcycling.org.uk/club/subscriptions?club_id=589. PM me if any problems and we can arrange BACS/cheque/cash etc

3. If you have previously been a member and are still interested in the club and general riding/social but can't rejoin this year due to geography/work/circumstances then please PM/email me and I'll keep you on our books as a possible future member.

4. If you can't see yourself returning at all to the Wheelers then please PM/email me and I'll remove you completely from our records.

Thanks very much


Membership Secy


[email protected]

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