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Dunoon 17/03/19

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126 miles in the bank for moi. Cedric must have done 20 more with all the u turns he did to go back & help us up the hills....

Great day out, weather good apart from it being blustery with hail in Cardross.

Going up the rest was a penance, into a block headwind, so Couttie tells me- I was on his wheel the whole way Stoooopid!

cafe in Strachur then on to Dunoon and ferry. Greg (Monsieur Tourette) and Scott headed home via Greenock and the rest of us went up The Cut. Glenn & Alex turned left at the top to leave Couttie, Cedric, Charlie and I to head home via the Haylie. That must be my slowest effort ever-gubbed.

all in all a grand day out Ohyadancer!

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