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UCI Women’s RR Tour of Scotland

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34 minutes ago, GrahamF said:

I'm interested in this Chung, what timings, etc. are involved?

Graham, I’ll post up in the “Club Run” section near the time, so watch out for it!

They depart George Square 11.15am, reckon around 1 hour to Dukes?

So, say 9am clubroom, 9.30am at the Bridge then a cycle up to Aberfoyle via the Pipe track, might even have time for a coffee before heading up the Dukes to wait for the Peleton 🙂

Like I said, confirm near the time, yes!


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22 hours ago, thejanullrichdietplan said:

yeah sounds good


maybe an idea to have the clubrun over the Dukes this weekend too to cheer on Cedric who is doing the Sam Robinson? I'll post up a thread later when i find out the timings of that race.

Iain, won’t be out this Sunday as will be driving down South 😕

Have a good one if youse do!


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Hi there,

Given the weather forecast for tomorrow is kind of "better" than what was envisage a few days ago, so I'm hoping to still head up to Aberfoyle for some road side shouting exercise while the hardcore Women Racers "duke" it out up the Duke's Pass :-)

Any (mad) company is most welcome, according to the website, the QoM ETA is 12.10noon, so I reckon meet at the Bridge for 9.30am, so should get to Aberfoyle well before they arrive & I imagine we'll have enough time for a cuppa when we get there too.



Given the unpredictable weather, I'll be on my full mudguard winter bike with pannier for extra dry clothes & maybe a "poncho" too :-) ....... in true Tour De France style!

Please post up or get in touch if you fancy coming, if there's is no one else, I won't hang about at the Bridge waiting!



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