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  1. End of january for me due to lack of funds. I reserve the right to wear the jersey in the meantime though
  2. Items been sent back,cant see an option to delete the post if anybody can help
  3. I've just bought this but after fitting realised I need a light/registration board so planning on sending it back. I was quoted £50-70 to fit the lighting board in case anybody else is in the same position. Bought used but comes with original box and guarantee card inside and it is in really good condition. No instructions but very easy to fit. This bike rack is ideal if you have a saloon type car like my rover 75. Don't have a pic but will post a link below, this one is black. Bought for £90 and it's going to cost £15 to send back so saves me a fiver selling at £80. https://www.saris.com/product/bones3 Planning on sending it back Monday, quite happy for somebody to come and try it out if their unsure about fitment (fits most cars though due to manoeuvrability of the rack including hatchbacks). If nothing by Monday I'll ship it back
  4. I came down last minute last night for a look at the course but couldn't find anybody. It was around quarter to 7 so thought everybody would have went, could have done the timekeeping so sorry about that. Will ride next week if the weathers not horrible
  5. I have the above, been used twice if you are lucky. Was given it and I couldn't get it to connect to my garmin so no use to me anyway. It's bluetooth only, I have no idea what it will work with so please do your research before buying. Happy for somebody to make sure it works with their computer or phone before taking it away, doubt very much it's accurate but might make somebody a good heart rate monitor even who knows. £30 asking price, will give it until Thursday or Friday then stick it on e bay. Heres a link to the chain reaction website who seem to stock it: http://www.chainreactioncycles.com/powertap-powercal-heart-rate-strap/rp-prod138306?gs=1&gclid=COKT9ruKis8CFcwaGwodfnsI-A&gclsrc=aw.ds
  6. Didnt do the skyride due to the sniffles riding back to beith in the rain was plenty for me
  7. Good miles today and nice day out apart from getting soaked on the way home. First time at a pro race came face to face with wiggins coming out his van as i came into george square, dont like the guy but i felt starstruck. Bumped into gerard deeley who will hopefully post his selfie with cavendish. Good guy cavendish stopping for pics whith fans just before hes going to race
  8. After the tours away you can get round the track with closed roads, half 1 it starts free just sign up online. Im either doing that or a nice flat run to cumbernauld then back to beith. Planning on being at the first sprint in clyde street and thats meant to be at half 11. Will have my club top on
  9. Is anybody going through tomorrow?
  10. Im sure you have some proper pedals you could give her gerard and i picked up a pair of muddyfox shoes for 20 quid that to start me off makes a big difference
  11. Thanks to the helpers tonight. Thats my fastest tt yet all i was after was an average speed over 20mph and i got it so im absolutely delighted and something to build on for next year
  12. Will be there if its dry. Likely go on myself from the stop back home or maybe ardrossan if ive the energy