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  1. Please find below updated rules for The Bunch. Welcome to The Bunch “The Bunch” is the name of the community forum associated with the Johnstone Wheelers Cycling Club, and is maintained by members of Johnstone Wheelers Cycling Club. It should be regarded as an independent resource run in support of cyclists everywhere. Registration to The Bunch is free and carries no financial obligation. Anyone can read The Bunch but a "Member" is one who has registered and is thus able to post their own messages and to reply to messages of other Members. We all share a love of cycling but otherwise may have quite different opinions and views. The Bunch is a public forum and the world’s window on JWCC, read by non-club members and club members, including Jets and other young people. We ask simply that members continue, as they generally do, to exercise discretion and responsibility in what they post. The administration team will remove any content that may damage the reputation of The Bunch, of Johnstone Wheelers Cycling Club and associated sponsors, or which might lower the standing of the sport in the public eye. See “Administration and Moderation”. Should you require any assistance then please email [email protected]<script cf-hash='f9e31' type="text/javascript"> /* */</script> for further assistance or guidance. Forum Usernames & Profile Pictures Members who choose nicknames or profile pictures that are inflammatory, vulgar, promotional, or rude will be requested to change them. Failure to do so may result in a temporary or permanent ban from The Bunch. Language and Trolling The Bunch is a family-friendly and public environment. There are young users and language should be kept civilised at all times. Vulgar language is not allowed. This constitutes the use of any kind of offensive, discriminatory, or otherwise inappropriate material deemed unsafe for younger members. Posts containing inappropriate language will be removed and users will be warned over future conduct. Do not post provocative, outrageous, or pointless messages only to get a response from others, i.e. "trolling." Repeat violators will be permanently banned from posting on The Bunch. Lastly, if it is abundantly clear that a user has no intention of positively contributing to a discussion, combined with an abrasive, combative attitude, their posts will be removed and the user will be advised on future conduct. Repeat offenders may be subject to a temporary or permanent ban from The Bunch. Personal Attacks In order to maintain a positive atmosphere, no personal attacks or insults will be tolerated. While discussions may become heated, it is not an excuse to resort to attacks or insults. There is a difference between a passionate, respectful discussion and one that delves into personal matters. Think of it as debating issues, not individuals. Should a discussion appear to contain personal attacks then it may be subject to closure and removal by the administration team. Should a dispute between members occur then you are encouraged to use the Private Message (PM) facility to resolve the dispute. Do not use our public forums for this purpose. Copyright and Piracy Members are asked to respect the copyright of other members, sites, media, etc. Any posts that appear to infringe copyright policy or link to illegal download sites will be removed immediately. Repeat offenders may be subject to a temporary or permanent ban from The Bunch. Self-Promotion is Spam Any post that is considered advertising for one's self-interests, including the promotion of any site someone is affiliated with, may be subject to removal by the administration team. Repeat offenders may be subject to a temporary or permanent ban from The Bunch. While you are allowed to promote your web site(s) in your signature, you are not permitted to post links to sites you run or are in any way affiliated with. Only our Sponsors are allowed to promote their services in the “Sponsors Special Offers To Members” forum. However, it is acceptable to post links to websites or services directly related to cycling, e.g. sales of cycling equipment etc, but due consideration must be given to our sponsors, who may also offer similar services. Cross-Posting If you have something to post and you're not sure which board it belongs in, do not post it in more than one board. The Administration team reserves the right to move any post to a more appropriate forum should they see fit. Duplicate threads only serve to create confusion and will be removed. Signatures It is recommended that a Signature (sig) contains no more than five lines of small or normal size text (a "line" being that displayed on a browser opened to 800px width) and/or a single image of no more than 60px high, 468px wide and 6KB in size. Text sizes should be between 9px and 12px (small and normal). Text in signatures is subject to the same conditions as posts with respect to content. In case of doubt, submit your suggested sig line to the Administration Team by e-mail to who will be pleased to advise, and whose decision is final. Multiple Accounts Per Individual Are Not Permitted If you forget your password, use the password recovery tool, in which case you will be able to reset your password, given that you have access to the e-mail associated with your account. If you are still unable to login, contact an administrator. Moderation and Administration The Bunch is administered and moderated by a number of club members (often, but not always, committee members). If you have a problem or a complaint, please direct it to a site administrator, moderator or member of the club committee, and please do not post the issue on the forums. The administration and moderation team, and if necessary the club committee, will review in and take actions as deemed appropriate. Administrators, moderators and the committee have the final word. The following is the general moderation process that will be followed when someone feels the above rules have been infringed: • The post will be hidden. • The moderation team will review and make a decision on whether the post should be re-instated, edited or deleted. • The moderation team will notify the member of the course of action that will be taken. The moderation course of action will generally follow the procedure below: 1. For first infringements or minor infringements, members will be notified why the decision has been made and asked to better consider future posts. 2. A second occurrence or a more serious occurrence will lead to an official warning using the Bunch warning system. The member will also be notified why the decision has been made and asked to better consider future posts. 3. Another occurrence will lead to a temporary suspension from the Bunch (timeframe to be determined, but possibly 2 weeks to 3 months). The member will also be notified why the decision has been made. 4. Following a temporary suspension, any future occurrences will result in an immediate permanent deletion of the member’s Bunch account. Procedures 1, 2 and 3, all have a 12 month limit on them, i.e. – after 12months, the “slate is wiped clean”. We do hope you enjoy using The Bunch and get a lot of benefit from it, but please do consider who reads your posts and the way it reflects upon the club and our sponsors. Kind Regards, JWCC Committee.