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  1. Thanks for the wheels folks. Great day for some miles and good company. Thanks for welcoming the wee cousin Connor. He has been inspired and will be joining you every Sunday for more punishment. Thanks to Billy for the company on the west Kilbride route from Largs today. Finally thank you to everyone for the education and tutorials along the way. I've thoroughly enjoyed my time at the club and will miss the rides. All the best to everyone and hope to see you in NZ in the future. Slainte Marty
  2. Thanks for the wheels today! Apologies for holding you all back. Couttie is banking up quite a few miles of drafting which will be repaid by 2050
  3. Thanks for the wheels guys. Cracking night and spirits high!even though George was disgusted by my sock choice this fine evening.
  4. Thanks Chung. Noted!! Haha. Thanks to Charlie and Robbie for the wheels back home as Greg and I both wanted to cry our way home after erskine bridge.
  5. 100% there this week. I'll be leaving from Miller street if anyone fancies joining me.
  6. What time you heading from elserslie? I'll scoop down there with you?
  7. Is anyone up for this tonight or have I missed something?