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    robster82 got a reaction from George in Guy Fawkes   
    Eventually got some free time so heading out tomorrow morning for a couple of hours if anyone wants to join me.
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    robster82 reacted to P McDonald in Joe Brunetti Hill Climb Championship, Sunday 29th Sept.   
    Great morning, thanks to Martin, Alan and others who made it such a good event.
    On a personal note, Happiness is a cigar called Hamlet   beating Ian A on a hill climb  
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    robster82 reacted to martin in Joe Brunetti Hill Climb Championship, Sunday 29th Sept.   
    great turn out today, fab to have so many supporting the hill climb. Jets are too light and don't have to work night shift.

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    robster82 got a reaction from AlanT in Joe Brunetti Hill Climb Championship, Sunday 29th Sept.   
    Alan, I'm nightshift on Saturday finishing at 10am on the Sunday, if I can get away early I'll be there to defend the trophy! 
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    robster82 reacted to thejanullrichdietplan in Joe Brunetti Hill Climb Championship, Sunday 29th Sept.   
    Wide open this year
    Cedric in Portugal, Sam in Mallorca, Robbie in hibernation, Stuart unable to make it,  Marc and Galeb possibly boycotting, Ian doing the Lyle hill climb. So that leaves the big question....Is there anyone left who can beat the new slimmed down Charlie? 
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    robster82 reacted to Ian Archibald in Lyle Hill Race   
    Matt Henon from GTR has asked me to publicise the Lyle Hill Race on Saturday 28 September:
    The Lyle Hill overlooks Gourock. The Bunch pass it every time they cycle to Largs but I suspect they never take the pleasant detour to what is a wonderful view and a fantastic location.
    I've just come back from the Stow triple hill race where the under 16's showed me a clean pair of heels. Hill racing is particularly suited to our lightweight juniors where restricted gearing is not a handicap. And I'd enjoy getting a stuffing from the Jets; as long as they come out on the winter Renfrew bunch and let me get my own back.
    The hill takes 5mins and I suspect power climbers like Marc Kelly could press me all the way.  Then there are the hard men like Galeb and Charlie, and the softies like Richie and Billy. Be nice to see how we all measure up against each other.
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    robster82 reacted to Gerard Deeley in Hill Climb #2, 10th September   
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    robster82 got a reaction from Gerard Deeley in Hill Climb #2, 10th September   
    Afraid not Gerard. Been on the takeaways and bevvy since moving into new home, just feels right 😁
    Its the year for a fattie to take the title...
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    robster82 reacted to Gerard Deeley in Hill Climb #2, 10th September   
    The hill climbs are clearly not attractive to many.  We should carefully consider any alternative arrangements that would encourage wider participation.  I do like the confined events and I try to get to as many as I can.  We could make changes to try out different options and see what works.
    Meanwhile Robbie will be living on a diet of air and nothingness to be ready to take the title agin this year.
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    robster82 reacted to Ian Archibald in Hill Climb #2, 10th September   
    A narrow lane with a blind bend:JWCC hill climb route isn’t attractive / safe. Scottish hill race calendar is good this year too. Dukes Pass, Stow, Lyall, Gleniffer, Lomonds of Fife... I’ve entered them all!
    These hills take 5 to 10 minutes to climb. Be good to have a practice on the Gleniffer Braes or a hill of that nature. Or how about a Bunch ride and race up 2 or 3 hills and let Strava assign the times. The weight weenies could give the sturdier types a start
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    robster82 reacted to MichaelB in Chaingang 15th August - 3 groups first off 625pm- change of format   
    Heard you guys were thinking of trying this; we have been doing this in the Northside Chain gang for a couple of years now and it works really well. The one bunch tends to be a core of 6-8 guys working and alot of guys sitting on which does make it more dangerous. The split groups encourage everyone to either want to make the catch or stay away from the faster group so folk tend to work harder as they feel more part of a TTT than a race bunch.  Rolling through with folk with similar ability also makes it both harder, safer and smoother rather than sprinting or unable to close gaps.
    It is also good to mix up now and again and set scratch off first, this encourages group 2 guys who think they could step up to try the scratch and if they get dropped they can join back in with second group- and similar for group 1 and 2.
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    robster82 reacted to thejanullrichdietplan in Chaingang 15th August - 3 groups first off 625pm- change of format   
    I know this won't be a universally popular decision but after what happened last week (and reading the messages on here and talking to a few of you) then for the next couple of weeks we are going to experiment with splitting the chaingang into smaller groups.
    The reason for this is to try and improve rider safety and make things calmer, manageable and more controlled. Groups of about 8-10 should maximise safety, are most efficient for a chaingang while also giving a decent work out. If the numbers don't allow for three groups then will try two. It is important to remember however it is still a chaingang and training ride, it is not a social ride. The pace in the earlier groups will be a little slower but the idea stays the same - if you get dropped you still get dropped so know the route and be self sufficient. You can choose what group you are in however i'll give some guidelines for this.
    First group. If you take the short cut regularly then this is the one for you. If you get dropped on the west ferry or Bishy Hill then take this one. If you are a strong rider but feel relatively inexperiened and want practice riding in a chaingang then take this one. If you tried the chainy earlier in the season and were put off due to not feeling quite fit enough, then now is the time to give it another go.  I will be leading this group.
    Second group. If you are capable of hanging on in the chaingang but find yourself regularly missing turns or find it difficult to move up without stalling in the line then you may have more benefit going in the second group and working rather than just sitting on in the third. Are there any volunteers to lead this group?
    Third group. Are you strong enough to spell through for all of chaingang and do you find parts of it relatively easy? Are you able to bridge gaps if the bunch splits and do you usually find yourself on the right side of these splits when they happen? Then third group for you.  Paul will be leading.
    Be honest and realistic with yourself and (more importantly) to the other riders when choosing a group. It isn't a sign of weakness joining a slower group and nothing is set in stone, if you find one group too easy then you can move up the next week.
    Group 1 will leave at 6.25 and will take Heggies. Group 2 leaves at 6.30 and group 3 at 6.35 and both take the Clune. If Group 1 is caught by the top of Clune then they wait and restart behind the next group.
    Paul is going to post a few guidelines on good practice.
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    robster82 reacted to thejanullrichdietplan in Chaingang 8 August 630pm   
    Remember when we all agreed about taking care at roundabouts? Tonight at Houston was far too close a call for comfort. Take it easy it is not a race, and even if it is a race dont do that!  Also a car had to stop at Newark Castle and from what i hear there was something at Langbank too? (I didnt see that one)
    It wasn't just that though it was  guys surging through for their turn rather than through and off.  This is the basics.
    My moaning might just sound like sour grapes because i was left behind after the restart at Knapps but fair enough i should have been paying more attention. Afterwards though Gregg was saying it was one the worst bunches he'd been a part of....if someone with his experience is saying that then time to listen.
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    robster82 reacted to chung in Gonnae let me play with your WHEELS :-)   
    Didn’t get to ride today, so thought I’ll do some maintenance on my bike!
    But it seems I’ve ran out of bikes to clean so thought I’d have a go at my new coffee machine instead 🙂
    All machine deserves some TLC in my opinion 🙂
    I know coffee & road cycling have a real & historic connections, but upon opening up the “grinding mechanism” for some deep cleaning, I was met with what look not unlike a rear wheel free-hub ratchet ........ the similarity is beyond doubt 🙂 
    Well, the fact that I had to use my Park-Tool 10mm socket to get the nut off & my Pedro long nose pliers felt as if I was working on one of my bikes 🙂
    .......... sorry, I think I’ve got too much time on my hand 😕

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    robster82 got a reaction from PaulL in T-rex spotted in the Alps   
    Has anyone seen Paul Leavy recently....
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    robster82 got a reaction from thejanullrichdietplan in T-rex spotted in the Alps   
    Has anyone seen Paul Leavy recently....
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    robster82 got a reaction from P McDonald in T-rex spotted in the Alps   
    Has anyone seen Paul Leavy recently....
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    robster82 reacted to stuart10ant in Fair Monday misfortune   
    Being the only one of my friends off on Glasgow fair, and with some family going to Islay for the week, I decided to cycle over Arran on Sunday and stay a night, then ferry hop home today via Dunoon.
    A glorious cycle over yeaterday, sun splitting the sky.
    Today I went to the Port Ellen ferry terminal at 12.15 for the 12.45 boat. At 12.35 with no boat arriving and a very quiet port, something wasn’t right, in to the ferry office and the 12.45 is cancelled. Panic on.
    No option but to ride 20 miles to Port Askaig for the 3.30 ferry, giving no chance of making the other ferries to get home and then having to cycle the long way round from Kennacraig until i could get mum to drive and meet me somwhere.
    The upside is that in the panic of trying to get to the other ferry, I got a few top 10s🏆
    Luckily ive found someone from Balloch who can take me part of the way.
    Check the Calmac site folks!
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    robster82 reacted to Galeb in Arran challenge Saturday 29/06, 06/07 & 13/07   
    Solo double attempt 2...missed her again. 
    With north westerly winds, went for the anti-clockwise again (not my favourite). First lap went well...second lap after Lochranza lost the pace...I dont know why just couldn't get going again after the downhill section. A gel and a snack 15-20mins later I was back on again. But by that time lost probably 3mins or so on top of the usual 3mins at the start. Finished second lap around 8 mins down.
    Ah well...may be one day. Probably need another month of the volume and intensity that I have been doing for the last 4 weeks. But play time is over now. Next week back to the usual 

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    robster82 got a reaction from Galeb in Arran challenge Saturday 29/06, 06/07 & 13/07   
    Brilliant effort mate very impressive!
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    robster82 reacted to Galeb in Arran challenge Saturday 29/06, 06/07 & 13/07   
    What could have been a solo double...
    Settled with the solo 56+50 and what a day!
    The highlights:
    - Almost missed the outgoing ferry - made it just in time. Didn't take into account the weight of the 4 bottles of water and the 4000 kcal of food!
    - Ferry full of cars meant I was out of the ferry at 0806 and a bit and by the time I found a spot for the bag of food I was around 3 mins down to start with! 
    - Very variable wind conditions today that didn't help. At times there was Northerly winds - I might have been better doing it anti-clockwise?
    - First lap done with 5mins behind schedule (plan was to finish fist lap at 1050)...ferry was right there and was contemplating chunking it. Refuelled with supplies and I was 10mins behind schedule by then. A quick clac and I estimated that I would just miss the ferry if I went for the double and so opted for plan B via Ross road. 
    - Oh Ross road! the grind up that thing (with 39x25 was not easy) and then the technical decent didn't save me much time. I did make up 7 mins but I was still 3mins down on schedule. 
    - I lost another 2 mins (making it 5min in total) - some of it due to paying for the effort on the Ross and some on getting a cramp up Lochranza and peddling with one leg while trying to shake the other out of the cramp!
    -   Top of Lochranza climb took a Gel and buried myself to reach just in time around 1351 for the 1355 ferry!
    Don't think I want to see Arran for a while now... 
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    robster82 reacted to martin in SC youth track champs 2019   
    Quick report for those who don't Facebook. Very successful weekend for the club at the nationals with 4 golds: Jamie T and Isla M both winning the youth B (under 14) scratch race and omnium. 
    Great racing from all our riders across all three days. 

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    robster82 reacted to thejanullrichdietplan in chaingang 13 June 630   
    We need to take a bit more care before the west ferry. Going through the roundabout and up the on ramp is not the final 300 metres in the Tour de France from Rivoli onto the Champs Elysees. If there is a car on the roundabout then the bunch should be stopping for it not riding through. However only 3 stopped tonight!
    The speed is such that if guys at the front had slammed on their brakes then others may go into the back of them so I can understand why it was (arguably) the safe choice to make by then but that to me suggests that on the final part of the downhill we should be easing slightly instead of trying to keep as much speed and momentum as possible for going up the drag. Same thing applies on the downhill before the Crosslee roundabout. You cannot see what is coming until it is too late. I'm as guilty as anyone for going fast through that if im on the front but i'm going to try and be more safety conscious from now on.
    Anyway what was the scores?
    Kom - i think Sam, Marc, Galeb then who?
    Sprint - Marc, Sam, Me, Billy, Galeb
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    robster82 got a reaction from Iain67 in Wednesday 12th June - Windfarm & Beith   
    Thats perfect.
    Just for info, I have hairy legs and a wee belly.
    See you tomorrow. 
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    robster82 reacted to iain couttie in Wednesday 12th June - Windfarm & Beith   
    Before Charlie gets in I couldn’t hold his wheel and had to take a short cut home, nice route though