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  1. Great!. He's off to Jerez. I'll call you tomorrow. Cheers
  2. Jeez. That is really generous! Might be closer to 18 months he is away for he is now telling me. He's leaving 26th February. If that's OK then can you give me a call maybe tomorrow? And Happy New Year to you.
  3. Looking for a bike bag for son who is flying off to Spain for a year. Call me on 07824377396 if you have one to sell . Len
  4. Looking for a bike bag for son who is flying off to Spain for a year. Call me on 07824377396 if you have one to sell . Len
  5. Cheapest one you can buy if you only want speed and distance. I've had a 200 for yonks now. Was £50 at Aldis. Dont need anything more complicated. Tells me how fast I'm going and how long I've been pedalling. Can upload to Strava if i can be bothered.
  6. Just back from a weekend on Arran in campervan. Wouldn't cycle at the moment. Except for the sea level roads on west coast the roads are diabolical. The bit around the velo cafe is a mess. Spoke with the tearoom owner at Sannox who says people are commenting on abuse of their cars by potholes. Local paper reports organised cycle events likely to be discouraged. Sorry Paul but I would give the DA a miss until roads are fixed.
  7. A good coat of Scotoil FS365 on all components likely to corrode ( not brakes obviously). I use the stuff on my road and mtbs. Can be sprayed fairly liberally on drive train. Great stuff. Also brilliant for the winter steed . Spray on wet bike when you can't wash and lube. (again avoid rims and brakes).
  8. How you getting on with the Endura shorts Ramsay?
  9. Endurance fs260 pro sl Ramsay. I have the extra long leg and you can choose pad width. My only gripe is the writing has started to peel. Other than that well worth the money.
  10. Campbell says "thanks" for your interest and comments. He will post a report just as soon as he can. Will make for good reading!!
  11. Thanks all. Good day out in great scenery. Hope everyone got home safe.
  12. Mrs Ironman (Ironwoman????) reports he is in 'good condition' and now chilling out. Remarkable bearing in mind he was really ill before he went. Even more remarkable- Mrs Ironman thinks he is in good condition - never heard her say that about him before under any circumstances!!! Well done bro.
  13. Graham. I intend to be at the annexe in the park at Lochwinnoch to meet you. If I'm not there don't wait. I'll either meet you guys at the ferry or not I'm recovering from grape lurgy and not going out. Cheers, Len