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  1. Ironically I punctured on the way there.....in the pouring rain!!
  2. Chung, You are a gent. Thank you. I'll whip the lever off and take it with me when I'm in Glasgow on Thursday. Cheers, R
  3. Ta. Wondering if it is maybe time for a new bike!?!? It is 12 years old and was about to buy new forks anyway.....will speak to Mrs M!
  4. Chung & Martin, Thanks guys. Levers are Chorus. I have pulled a few old sets of levers apart in the past and found what the problem was (worn plastic “teeth”) and just bought new levers. Will mail them and give one of them a go. Cheers, R
  5. Anyone have a 10 speed campag right hand side shift/brake lever kicking around that needs a new home? The indexing on mine is starting to go, so could do with a new one. Cheers, R
  6. All well in a hot and sunny Netherlands......although team JWCC may need some map reading practice!
  7. They’re off. Cool start, but sunny and forecast for 23 degrees! Happy days!
  8. Caught me standing by the sign at the top of the Tourmalet.....and covering my face for some reason!
  9. looking great Chung. How does it ride?....or is it just for show?
  10. Hi all, A friend of mine is looking to sell his 2017 Giant Trinity Advanced Pro TT bike. Spec is as follows: · Giant Trinity Advance Pro TT bike (2017) · Size Large (see here for geometry) · SRAM eTap red aero TT groupset · 172.5mm cranks · 11-28 cassette · FSA powerbox (power crankset) Photos below (wheels not included). It has basically hardly ever been used at all, so is like new. It cost him around £4k new excluding wheels, so would be looking for good sensible offers given it's condition/use. Let me know if you are keen and I can put you in touch with him. (He lives the other side of Edinburgh, but that’s not too far away). Cheers, Ramsay
  11. Chung, do you have pictures of the finished bike?
  12. Did the role of flapjack delivery boy today and got a wee spin out (not on the track as it was too icy). Good to have a chat with some familiar and new faces at the club rooms. Stuart, I have your keys. I’ll PM you for getting them back. R
  13. Elaine got in, so we have just booked on the Newcastle to Amsterdam ferry on the Thursday (18th), returning on the Monday (22nd). Currently have 3 nights booked in Valkenburg, but may spend the Friday night somewhere else on route. Happy days! R
  14. We've got something on at 9am, but hope to be done in time to come along and support.
  15. All Wheelers safely over the Tourmalet.....the first time. Iain Couttie has just left the top of the Aspin and is looking good. Only 2 climbs left! Lovely day for an Pyrenean picnic, although must be hot climbing on a bike!
  16. Only just seen this. Very sad, but a good age to live to.
  17. Good luck tomorrow all. Tough wee climb, but good fun. Sorry we can't make it along to cheer people on. R
  18. Ramsay

    Spied a Wheeler

    Spied two Wheelers (Grieg and Richie) in Valloire, between The Col du Telegraphe and Col du Galibier on Sunday. Was great to see some friendly faces on the road!
  19. Elaine & I also did this with a group from her work. Briefly met Grieg, George, Billy, Richie and other for a beer on the Saturday night. Had a cracking day after a shaky start (literally!). I rode down to the start from Alpe D'Huez and twice had almost uncontrollable speed wobbles at 35mph+. Very frightening, but sorted at the bottom to start almost last and behind the following vehicles! After starting at the back, we rode steadily and passed people all day, which was nice. The sun came out on the decent from the Galibier and made the Alpe D'Huez climb almost hot. Finished in time for a beer and pasta. Longest ever ride for Elaine and most climbing in a day for both of us. Happy days!
  20. Great run out today in what turned into a beautiful day. Massive thank you to Paul Leavy and team for all efforts in making the day happen.
  21. Got a wedding on Sat, but Elaine and I plan to join this group. Will only be able to confirm on the morning. R
  22. Ta all. Endura's ordered.
  23. Happy to admit to being a fair weather rider.....hope to see you all next week.