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    Mental health awareness

    Hi people, the title of my post might have set alarm bells ringing. Sorry for that. So.... I’ve not been well for the past 3-4 years. Up & down. Making bad choices then punishing myself for it. Caught in a loop. Eventually went to get help. Basically l, I had a really bad experience when I was young that I hidaway from.Denied it happened. Beat myself up for it. Eventually, I sought help. I was referred to a councillor and a CBT therapist. I won’t lie, having to discuss my issues and experiences was brutal. Why am I telling you this? Because if I hadn’t I probably wouldn’t be here. Things got so bad that, what I thought was my salvation, “cycling” became toxic. Watching my weight, training, trying to keep up &, as life unravelled, being dropped was very crushing. I saw cycling as being my validation but it became a pressure & a stressor. Thanks to mental health professionals & some very good friends in the club who have given me council, I’m on the mend. Thanks, guys. I’m still cycling but for now I’m just going out when I feel like it. I’m also eating like a horse with no qualms or worries about “racing weight” I never raced much anyway! Why am I posting this? We live in a society that is so driven by aspiration and the need to “get on” and compete. I’ve come to the conclusion that after my experiences I’m just lucky to be here. I’m quite proud to be alive. So my message is- if you are struggling, don’t be ashamed to seek help and if you think a friend is struggling don’t shy away from asking if they are ok. you just might savesomeone’s life. If you are struggling and looking for help, message me. I might not have the answers but I can signpost you to people who can help you. It’s ok not to be ok!
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    P McDonald


    No words required. Received this magnificent photo today from an SA vet who quite understandably would love to become a DA vet 🤣
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    I am getting this all together now. It is so good to see so many people helping out, everyone is needed and important to the day being a success. I will be at Bishopton Community Hall from 0700h, with me I will have an allocation of signs, zip ties, hi viz jackets and a note of where you are positioning yourself. The first rider is off at 0801 so please arrive to give yourself plenty of time to get into position. Please do wear the hi viz while you are marshalling (it is in the risk assessment) your own safety is your first priority on the day. Just use a bit of common sense when positioning any signs, making it reasonably visible to other road users and please remember to bring them back. You there on the day as the eyes on the course so we do want any emergency. I will have my mobile number on the hand out, give me yours and I can text you to say your work is done. Here is who I have where Start Line - Scott M Holding up - Ginty West Ferry R/about - John C Langbank R/about - Tommy & Greg B Woodhall R/about - Ian McTavish, Ian Carvill, Colin Sales Dead Turn - Karen G & Richard Newark R/about - Davic C, Paul L, Marc Exit - Chung Finish Line - Stuart I hope everyone is okay with this, please like this post if you are so I know you have seen it. Looking forward to a great event for the club.
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    Anthony T

    Any nice Irish wheelers?

    Hmmm, it was me.
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    The Big Summer BBQ - 16 August 2020

    Good evening all. We, the Johnstone Wheelers, are in the very fortunate position to be one of the only clubs in Scotland to have a purpose built clubroom, owned and operated solely by us! So, why aren't we using this MORE? I'm proposing we hold a big Summer BBQ at the clubhouse on the 16 Aug 2020 to round of the summer. This is open to all, members, family and children. A small fee would be payed in order to buy food and possibly some soft drinks. If you want a few beers BYOB. A short turbo challenge and a raffle would also be held. This event would follow a short full club run. So, the question is, who's in? And who's interested?
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    Contrary to my post title - I managed NOT to get a soaking after all 🙂 Being Johnny-no-mates for the day, I opted to start from Glasgow instead of heading for the Bridge. Got to jump on a Bunch of "Lomond Roads" coming into Milngarvie, after introducing myself to them, I slotted into the group seamlessly since our Club colour are pretty much the same ........ very friendly Bunch of cyclist so they are 🙂 Pretty much got dropped off by them at the door step of Aberfoyle where upon it seems every cyclist in the Glasgow area was there, including Iain McTarvish & Jess. Got there so early that we sat OUTSIDE in the sun for more than an hour waiting for the Peloton to arrive - ETA 12.10noon. It was all good weather wise up till that point, but just as we were about to head up the Duke's, the heavens opened but luckily for me, I took shelter underneath a porch & stayed dry, while most must have got drenched up on the climb. Waited for the convoy & then the Race Peloton to pass, everyone (especially the Police Moto riders) look cheering & enjoying themselves, well, apart from the Riders :-) Then back down the climb & a detour with Big Ronnie Chard over the Lake of Monteith & another cafe stop in Kippon, then the Crow & home without getting wet at all. In fact, it was pretty hot later on the day, strange weather indeed! End up being a really nice day on the bike for me, loved it! Cheers
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    3 years ago today

    This popped up in my iphone memories today from a ride over the rest and be thankful 3 years ago - thought a few of you may like to see. Gone but not forgotten!
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    Cardboard bike box

    Warranty replacement frame n fork
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    China and Europe in lockdown, millions in quarantine, borders shut, airspace closed, panic buying hitting the shelves of supermarkets...but only now seeing Paul cancelling a trip to Arran did i realise the gravity of the situation
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    Confined Events 2020

    I have attached the schedule of confined events ( and some open ones) for the coming season. Confined event awards are open to all club members, and are an excellent way to introduce new riders to the mysteries and dark arts of Time Trialing. This year, I have introduced 2 new courses for the League of 10. One is the Hilly course, and the other the restricted gear course at Gateside. These will be one of events within the league of 10, which will be mostly on the Westferry, as normal. If you want to give TT-ing a shot, these are the events to try. 2020 Confined Events Calendar.pdf
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    I think to spice it up next we should have to repeat every half hour until the Jets crumble and I beat Paul McD. Great event. Thanks to the organisers.
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    great turn out today, fab to have so many supporting the hill climb. Jets are too light and don't have to work night shift.
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    Fair Monday misfortune

    Being the only one of my friends off on Glasgow fair, and with some family going to Islay for the week, I decided to cycle over Arran on Sunday and stay a night, then ferry hop home today via Dunoon. A glorious cycle over yeaterday, sun splitting the sky. Today I went to the Port Ellen ferry terminal at 12.15 for the 12.45 boat. At 12.35 with no boat arriving and a very quiet port, something wasn’t right, in to the ferry office and the 12.45 is cancelled. Panic on. No option but to ride 20 miles to Port Askaig for the 3.30 ferry, giving no chance of making the other ferries to get home and then having to cycle the long way round from Kennacraig until i could get mum to drive and meet me somwhere. The upside is that in the panic of trying to get to the other ferry, I got a few top 10s🏆 Luckily ive found someone from Balloch who can take me part of the way. Check the Calmac site folks! Arse.
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    Corona virus update

    Aaaaand the good news is that the committee is considering a reduced programme of confined events starting from mid July, subject to guidance from SC/BC. The current view from that level is that club events won't be sanctioned until August. So, we can't say for certain right now when, or even if, a programme will take place, but the general principle will be that we will attempt to run the league of 10, the chocolate series, and the hilly TT series in a reduced format. Turn up, race go home. No holders. Results will be published when the timekeeper uploads them. Further updates to follow when more info becomes available.
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    Alan McLean

    Michael's Zwift APR 7pm 21/04

    Much lol. My pm did not register at start so I began about 1 minute after first group. Was overtaken after 10 mins by fast guys. Then 20 minutes of full gas with Brookes(thanks) before I felt rain on my back and slid off rollers. The tubeless tyre punctured and sprayed me and roller with sealant creating real life skid hazard. That was a sign to give up. Very silly.
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    Restricted Gear TT, Sunday 8th March

    Sunshine, showers and a strong wind today meant times were never going to be fast. 11 hardy riders braving the conditions, 5 of them Jets. Best turn out we've seen for a few years. David Cowan 38:36, paid Fiona Davidson 37:35, paid Kyle Maitland(J) 33:26 Fraser Elsby (J) 36:47 Martin Mulholland 37:22, paid Andy Ross 39:59, paid Ruaridh Mulholland (J) 38:59 James Ross (J), 36:12 Fraser Anderson (J), 42:13 Iain McTavish, 29:43, paid Marc Kelly, 30:58, paid Some great times there in the conditions, and congratulations to Iain McTavish for picking up the first silverware of the season. If someone can let me know the missing jets surnames, I'll update the list. Thanks to all the marshalls, and to my glamorous assistant, Elaine Muirhead at the start/finish line. I have £18 to transfer to the club account.
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    Drum Up 20th October

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    Great morning, thanks to Martin, Alan and others who made it such a good event. On a personal note, Happiness is a cigar called Hamlet beating Ian A on a hill climb
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    Chaingang 5th September 6pm

    Bike maintenance, by any chance?😁
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    Gerard Deeley

    Sam Dooley 25m TT 25 August 2019

    Thank you to everyone who helped out today. The event went really well and we had some great rider feedback about the day. Just in case, if anyone notices any of the signs still up then let me know.
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    David Raymond Trophy Tuesday 13th August

    Some photos I took tonight of the TTers! G
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    Tuesday 23rd July, Westferry

    4 riders on a warm, sunny evening, and some good times. Tommy 27.06, pb, paid Colin 23.47, paid James 22.25, pb, paid Stuart 22.23, pb, paid £12 transferred to the club account.
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    James Esus

    Old Tubes

    I thought you were talking about @XXX and @Charlie p
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    Hi folks, just a quick update to let you know that I completed Lockdown CycLEJOG yesterday, cycling a total of 1,000.5 miles (indoors) in 10 days. Thanks very much for the Zwift Ride Ons (especially Alan T), to Fiona and Iain joining my ride, and Elaine for keeping me sane(ish😉). My JustGiving page is still active if you are interested in donating. Once I've, ahem, recovered a bit, I'll hopefully join you guys on Zwift soon. Stay safe and keep pedalling!
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    charlie p

    Sunday 23rd Reliability Run #4

    This was a terrible ride today and I feel I owe it to you all to share my view: 1. Too much focus nuero muscular, VO2 max, and threshold. Too many sweet spots and not enough zone 2. Just maximum rubbish with minimum gain. I was knackered by inverkip 2. Riding in a slow cadence is almost universally accepted now as silly. You want to grow your quads - sprint flat out for 10s. Churning for 3 hours is like going to the gym and squatting the bar for 3 hours . Really!!!. Slow cadence and wheel sucking is my mantra but could the fit dudes please stop increasing the pace. I not getting enough time to get out my banana. 3. This ride was not just time inefficient (we spent half our time free wheeling when we could have been on the sofa practising our duolingo Spanish) but more, now my legs are semi shredded for tomorrow. Think we could have done with a bit more free wheeling. 4. Not even the social benefit of riding in a group. Either semi puffing or waiting for Billy in his big ring. Billy was smart and stuck to turbo on this horrid day. But you right. Only chat I got was from Andy when we got pumped off bunch in to Largs We all have different goals I know. But this ride is ill conceived I appreciate some guys like it. I wondered why Lynsey Curran refused to turn out - I’d told her we were touring round the lanes - now I know. It was a testosterone fix. C’mon guys. We can do better than this. Lynsey Curran Was smart enough to look at forecast to conclude that this was madness My suggestion is to stick to a long zone 2 ride. Throw in a few 10s sprints and if you like, 30mins at sweet spot. if only !!!! I appreciate this will involve reprogramming our very own Duracell toy, Charlie. Never mind reprogramming I need a total reservice I guess the forum is not for this type of comment. Won’t take offence if the moderators take it down. Honest And for those looking to hire a car from Alicante airport try Rentalcars.co. Naw Billy giving me a lift.
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    Seven weeks

    State of play: Archie has spent all winter at various hot weather training camps so should hit the spring in peak form. However he has also spent the winter annoying everyone so every breakaway attempt will be chased down by eager volunteers. Gregg is now a wheeler so will that mean everyone is racing for 2nd in the sprints? Billy is knocking out 1200watts standing starts at the track...if he could just wait a bit longer to unleash that power with about 100m to go he could be a contender Richie, Darryl and Paul are all flying and about to get faster again after their trip to Spain Marc, at the start of the ride will be telling everyone how he not been doing much and is really unfit...but then over the next hour will rip everyones legs off Charlie back in form and as a wheelsucker par excellence will be difficult to shift along the Georgetown Stuart has been getting some good results at cx so he could be the bunches van der Poel and van Aert Jess will find out if giving birth is the equivalent of taking EPO in terms of the impact on red blood cells George has promised to be utterly dominant and I have no reason to doubt his word Not seen Galeb, Robbie, Paul and Sam out on the bike for a while, i can only assume this is due to lots of secret training! The rest of us? well the only positive i have to say is that we've still got 6 weeks to get fit
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    Myself, Darryl, Tommy, Iain McT, Paul McD and Ian Archibald has an invigorating spin in storm Dennis, (clubrooms/ Bishopton/ Langbank/ Clune/ the wall and back to Kilmacolm for coffee! Tough winds but Good to get outside and stayed dry!!
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    Gerard Deeley

    Whatsapp club proposal

    This is interesting reading, very much on the pulse. We are a great club with lots going on and this needs to be communicated, it is why we are members. We all love cycling and we are busy people (so many Strava segments) and this will always have people collectively seeking convenience. Right now I use a WhatsApp group to organise my Tuesday runs, it works well. But I have become aware that it is not in the spirit of the club so I will be posting my runs back on the Bunch as well, where all club members can view and participate. I am open to progress in the future, if needed, so let’s have the discussion to find out what people feel they need to get the most from the club.
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    Hi Guys, Having spent the last few years working abroad, I've now retired and returned home. Not wanting to turn into a full-blown couch potato, I'd like to re-join the mighty Wheelers. Assuming you may actually let me back in, can someone advise on how best to go about this please? Cheers, Frank
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    Ian Archibald

    Sam Dooley 25m TT 25 August 2019

    Excellent event Gerard. Food was especially good. Thinking I might take that Jayne home with me next year.
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    Chaingang 22 August from 6.25

    Yep. Solo chainy! If there is such a thing A good safe steady through and off. Just had to let the imagination go wild. I was even hearing Charlie moaning at the bishy lights... Richie sprinting up kilmacolm and there was fierce competition on KOM and sprint. Managed to average 23mph! Beat that suckers.
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    Mary Ashworth

    Sunday 14th July 3 Ferries Route

    What a lovely day for The 3 Ferries! Thanks so much David - a great route, on a perfect day! Stunning views and lovely company. Mary.
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    Solo double attempt 2...missed her again. With north westerly winds, went for the anti-clockwise again (not my favourite). First lap went well...second lap after Lochranza lost the pace...I dont know why just couldn't get going again after the downhill section. A gel and a snack 15-20mins later I was back on again. But by that time lost probably 3mins or so on top of the usual 3mins at the start. Finished second lap around 8 mins down. Ah well...may be one day. Probably need another month of the volume and intensity that I have been doing for the last 4 weeks. But play time is over now. Next week back to the usual
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    Strava Georgetown TT 30/06/2020

    Hi all, following on from Mr Maclean’s post, I’ll take this on for next couple of weeks or until racing starts back. First event, next Tuesday. Alan has suggested a 3 hour window. So let’s go for 6pm to 9pm? Or do you want an all day event? For those that don’t know, the course starts just after house on left hand side at start of Georgetown Rd & continues to roundabout at Crosslee. Back in to finish a few yards before the start. You will be riding by yourself with no timekeeper or pusher off. Please ride responsibly and if you bump into a club member please stay socially distant. If a rider catches you please don’t sit on their wheel. As for collating results? Follow me on Strava & I’ll follow you back. Also, post your times here. I may change the night, week to week, depending on weather. No fun in riding in rain & wind. open to constructive suggestions 🤔
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    Alan McLean


    Oh boy. Definitely worth cracking a beer open for this one. We get Strava premium free in Kilmacolm, it comes with the Farrow and Ball paint catalogue. or you can pay about two coffees per month to totally nerd out on segments. Join us down the rabbit hole. You know you want to. Take the red pill and see how the world really is...
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    Hi Wheelers, I hope you and yours are all safe and well. To raise funds for NHS Charities Together, I'm gonna do a Lockdown Cycle LEJOG, or "Lockdown CycLEJOG" as I'm calling it 😉. I'm gonna ride 1,000 miles starting tomorrow (01/05/20), mostly on my turbo (with some short daily outdoors rides) and am aiming to do it in 10 days. Would you be interested in sponsoring me? If so, the link to my JustGiving page is: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/lockdowncyclejog As part of my daily miles, I'm going to have a daily 1-hour session on Zwift, from 5-6pm (hopefully this doesn't clash with the Club Zwift rides). Please feel free to join me, get in some miles and have a chat. My username (from what I can see 🙂) is K.Lockdown CycLEJOG. Thanks for reading, and stay safe friends 🙂
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    45 minute group ride, sticky draft on so no-one will be dropped for this. When the 45 minutes is up then if you want you can race to the KOM banner. Remember to follow Johnstone Wheelers on the companion app if you want an invite Before the event is due to start make sure you have opened up the game and can see your avatar and bike - you can ride about on any course or just sit waiting. When it is 5 minutes to the start of the meetup a dialogue box will appear on the bottom left of the screen - select that and it will take you to the start of the group ride. The circuit is London Loop, i've tried to estimate the event time to mean the sticky draft will turn off about half way up Box Hill on the 2nd lap.
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    Sorry about the mix up with sticky draft, was playing about with the settings and while doing so i automatically joined the start pen so didnt want to edit anything incase it lost the meetup! Anyway great effort by David and Karen getting back onto the front bunch by the top of the hill in the jungle....Billy tantalising close only 2 seconds back. The bunch flows a bit more naturally without the sticky draft on, however its obviously not so good for keeping group together. So i’ll keep it on most of the time but maybe have a ride each week without it. Or perhaps do back to back shorter meetups - say 45 minute ride with it on then a 10 minute break then a 30 minute ride with it off.
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    The gallop on a break

    Hope you all are okay and that someone is making sure there is enough suffering happening on these winter rides The galloping Galeb is on a bit of a break at the moment and may return soon. Merry Christmas for now!
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    Sorry just heard gents, emily selected for Scotland academy squad against Dundee so need to go up - apologies
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    Gerard Deeley

    Drum Up 20th October

    I feel somewhat under pressure. I should be there.
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    charlie p

    Whole Club Run 6th October

    Myself alan t Martin Mulholland & Young Ruairi departed from Amaretto. Unfortunately Ruari had a mechanical as we started climbing up to Loch Thom so he & Martin had to bail out. I could tell that Martin was very disappointed at missing out on the climb. Alan & myself had a pit stop at Bagel Basket then sauntered up Healy brae and home. Another cracking day on bike
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    Wide open this year Cedric in Portugal, Sam in Mallorca, Robbie in hibernation, Stuart unable to make it, Marc and Galeb possibly boycotting, Ian doing the Lyle hill climb. So that leaves the big question....Is there anyone left who can beat the new slimmed down Charlie?
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    Sunday 15/09/19

    Nice wee autumnal spin today. Thoroughly enjoyable. Cheers guys!
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    Sam Dooley 25m TT 25 August 2019

    Ian, I think Jane has other commitments next year! 😏
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    Saterday Training Ride 17/08 @ 9.00am

    Good ride this morning with strong headwinds in to Largs. Fast and smooth pace while sharing the workload (Arran style ). After Largs solo back for me. Thanks Paul for waiting a few mins this morning for me to sort slow puncture and then rear mech cable which I realised was frayed!...Almost did a Charlie this morning with bike maintenance
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    There is a Couriers WhatsApp Saturday group that is winding me up. The change in the Thursday format has been posted up but it seems there are some people (John Craig and Garry Dunn) who want the ride to be a social ride operating at about 32kph (20mph for the old timers). The joy for me in the chain gang is cooperating to go faster than you can on your own. In a low grade Cat 3/4 race the average speed for 2hrs+ of an un-cooperative bunch of cyclists is 38-40kph. If we can't cooperate and achieve 40kph for one hour we aren't cooperating! Gregg O Malley has won races on long solo breaks averaging this speed on his own. And no way should Gregg beat our determined chain gang who are working for each other. Smooth and fast. When a chain gang is in full flow there is nothing finer! 45kph down the Westferry should be a breeze.
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    Thanks to John for timekeeping and the holders for pushing off. Tough night for me, went off way too hard and blew up going up to the roundabout getting dropped in the process. Recovered a bit but having to wait would have cost Ian a sub 16 Shame about Marcs puncture, will need to have a rematch next year!
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    T-rex spotted in the Alps

    I've taken up a new sport, one that suits my Talents!
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    Elaine Muirhead

    Sunday 21st July

    Great wee run today with Karen, Anthony, Tom and myself. Headed to Port Glasgow then along the coast for a quick coffee in the BB. Up the Hailey Brae and back towards the clubrooms. Hopefully all made it home well before the rain started!