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    Mental health awareness

    Hi people, the title of my post might have set alarm bells ringing. Sorry for that. So.... I’ve not been well for the past 3-4 years. Up & down. Making bad choices then punishing myself for it. Caught in a loop. Eventually went to get help. Basically l, I had a really bad experience when I was young that I hidaway from.Denied it happened. Beat myself up for it. Eventually, I sought help. I was referred to a councillor and a CBT therapist. I won’t lie, having to discuss my issues and experiences was brutal. Why am I telling you this? Because if I hadn’t I probably wouldn’t be here. Things got so bad that, what I thought was my salvation, “cycling” became toxic. Watching my weight, training, trying to keep up &, as life unravelled, being dropped was very crushing. I saw cycling as being my validation but it became a pressure & a stressor. Thanks to mental health professionals & some very good friends in the club who have given me council, I’m on the mend. Thanks, guys. I’m still cycling but for now I’m just going out when I feel like it. I’m also eating like a horse with no qualms or worries about “racing weight” I never raced much anyway! Why am I posting this? We live in a society that is so driven by aspiration and the need to “get on” and compete. I’ve come to the conclusion that after my experiences I’m just lucky to be here. I’m quite proud to be alive. So my message is- if you are struggling, don’t be ashamed to seek help and if you think a friend is struggling don’t shy away from asking if they are ok. you just might savesomeone’s life. If you are struggling and looking for help, message me. I might not have the answers but I can signpost you to people who can help you. It’s ok not to be ok!
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    Over the Hill and back 400km Audax

    In our goal to qualify for Paris Brest Paris Myself, Davie B and David C headed down to Galashiels for the 400(420)km out and back to Barnards Castle. We stuck together until the Barnard Castle the half way mark and then Davie B continued at a faster pace with a couple of guys we had met and David C and I started the dusk Wet Climb over some Moss hill. Through the damp night we rode but! it was a balmy 12 degrees so it was not too bad. We did encounter few kms of road with 100s of frogs on it which passed the time trying not to squash any, which we managed! Until I heard David shout! -1 frog bless his soul, a few minutes later a Huge Rat ran into David's wheel but he managed to stay upright, I used to have a Rat her name was "Otago" David loves my patter. It was about then 3am? that Davids Knee started to hurt and our energy levels were very low, luckly we passed through lockerbie and had only 20km to a 24 hour with a service stop, I'm not a big fan of McDonalds but I was tonight. After about 5mins cycling David convinced me that the service station was here?? "Look" he said and pointed towards a BP sign behind some trees, But we stil had had 20km to go? I wasnt going to argue with him or his shiney new Wahoo gps, a few minutes later we got to a Service stop only to find it was the wrong one and nothing was open(Hammock Award Contender), a few swears were jokingly exchange and we rode on to McDonalds. Once we got there David went for a Sleep and I changed out of my wet clothes. I tried to sleep but people were intent on talking to me even though my eyes were closed, but best McDonalds I ever had, I even ate David's leftovers once he fell asleep. Back on the bike and back into the rain, With Davids Knee and my development of what I can only describe as "the worse butt pain in the world ever®" we took a nice steady pace back the last 100km.. the sun came out near the end and we were greeted by fried egg and bacon sandwiches by the organisers. A quick shower and off back up the road, I told David I would stay awake on the journey home as he was driving, I think I lasted abut 5mins. Started at 9:00am finished next day at 10:17am Distance : 419.91km Time pedaling 18:48:33 Elevation 3,922m Avg Speed 22.3km/h Elapsed Time 25:17:05 Anyhow only a 600km to do to qualify, To be honest i thought these would be easier than they are... yes they are physically draining but it really is all in the mind. Thanks for the company Lads
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    ........... & there's more!
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    Elaine Muirhead

    Summer Challenges 2018

    I’m not sure what the focus of this piece is or who it is aimed at. Maybe it’s to inspire other women to take on similar challenges. Maybe it’s just me saying ‘hello’ again and to let you know that I’m looking forward to getting back out with the bunch. Whatever the reason is, someone suggested that writing a race report would be a good idea. The only problem is, nothing I did this year was a ‘race’. I’m not getting bogged down in stats and intricate details. I am a girl who likes a challenge and I set myself a couple of challenges this summer. They went something like this. August 2018 - Marmotte Pyrenees 160km, 5600 metres ascent Ramsay and I had already decided to spend this summer in the Pyrenees. We completed the Marmotte sportive in the Alps last year and loved it. I knew that they did a similar event out of Argeles Gazost and by chance, it fell within the weeks that we were planning to be there. The decision was made and we were signed up. Unfortunately for Ramsay, his knee went again in June and he knew that he would not be ready to ride again for months. We knew that a bunch of Wheelers were out riding too and Ramsay really enjoyed supporting everyone on the day (tonnes more photos of the boys on the Tourmalet than me, which is not a bad thing)! It may sound selfish, but I knew that in order to make it to the finish at the top of Luz Ardiden, I just had to do my own thing and plod away at my own pace. I love alpine climbs. I love the challenge and the sense of accomplishment when you get to the top of those infamous Cols. The scenery is spectacular and the baguettes with camembert at the pit stops are perfect! I don’t know whether being a women helps. I had so many shouts of “allez allez femme” which was brilliant. Having spoken to some of the boys at the BBQ and confessed our body weights, being a women of a smaller stature, certainly helps when you are climbing an average gradient of 10% for several hours! Yes, it was tough. Yes, there were times when I asked myself why I was doing this. It certainly felt harder than the Alps last year, but finishing was never in doubt. After a hot shower and a good night’s sleep, the legs had recovered and I enjoyed ticking off so many more of those famous climbs during our time in the Pyrenees. I can honestly say that one of the highlights was meeting up with the guys the following night for a BBQ. Great food, lots of wine, even more beer and brilliant banter. It reminded both Ramsay and I why we joined the club in the first place. Thank you! September 2018 – Around the World in a Day 245 miles from Machrihanish to Aberdeen, ~ 3500 metres ascent Then came the second challenge of the summer. In 2017, Mark Beaumont set off to cycle around the world in 80 days. He achieved this by riding an average of 240 miles per day. The concept for this challenge was to have one rider to represent each day (80 riders in total) and us all to cycle 240 miles. Hence, ‘Around the World in a Day’! The day was planned exactly as Mark had ridden around the world. Four times four hour sections of riding (approx. 60 miles per section) with a 30 minute stop in between (Furnace, Lochearnhead and Forfar). The route started in Machrihanish and headed north through Ardishaig, before heading north east to Inverary and Dalmally. We then turned east across the country to Forfar with the final stretch up the north east coast through Stonehaven to Aberdeen. was one of ten female riders to start and one of eight to finish. I had ridden 184 miles as a reccie earlier in the summer and only hoped that my weeks in the Pyrenees helped with final preparations and the final miles. It was a typical Scottish day.....started cold, dark, wet and windy. The sun came out briefly in the afternoon before it got cold, dark, wet and windy again. My strategy was to keep a high cadence during the day and shelter within the bunch as much as possible. I managed a few turns at the front and myself and a couple of the girls led the group for a few minutes when the boys stopped for a pee. Oh how we laughed!! For the majority however, the boys looked out for us and made sure we were safely tucked in as much as possible. The last 30 miles were probably the hardest miles I have ever ridden. It was a rollercoaster of highs and lows and all I wanted was to be warm and horizontal! I stepped off the bike in Aberdeen and was shaking with cold and exhaustion. I thought I was either going to be sick or faint or both. I admit, I cried when Ramsay came to give me a cuddle and it took me some time to reach the “that was an amazing experience” feeling. But again, after two hot showers and a good night’s sleep, I woke up feeling ok and began to appreciate what had happened the day before. I guess that’s how I get through any of these challenges. I know that even when it feels brutal and you hurt all over, it doesn’t last. You will recover and you will get back on the bike again......quickly. I don’t consider myself a powerful rider or a fast rider. I don’t glide up the ascents. I bob about in the saddle and do everything you shouldn’t! I am a steady rider who is happy to tap away at the miles at my own pace. In saying that, I didn’t just walk in to these events having done nothing. I put the effort, the hours and the miles in this year. If I’m honest, I did very little other than cycle and work for most of the summer! It’s been a while, but I will be back out with the bunch again soon, enjoying the Sunday runs around Renfrewshire and beyond. I’m looking forward to not just the training (must work on that power output over the winter), but for the banter and the camaraderie. Hope to see you all soon.
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    Arran ( just a little mention)

    Winter Solo Single Where do I begin. Last night I was visualising my moment of glory on the Hall of fame. Arrived on Arran this morning with nothing but positive vibes, winter bike metal frame full muddies rear light but chose to ditch the front to go for the title. Set off on a steady pace and feeling good, weather was meant to be sunny but still foggy. Half way round, 5 minutes behind the summer pace, first negative thought creeps in but crack on. 36 miles, 2 hours dead, means 20 miles in 45ish minutes, games a bogey but again I'll crack on. Got to the top of Lochranza climb with 30 minutes until the ferry leaves, bottle empty and a wee packet of wiggle haribo, I can make it, I've lost my minerals! Rode as hard as I could, really really struggling by this point, missed the boat by 5 minutes. I'm writing this still on Arran, next boat is 2hrs 40 minutes later, ouch! On the plus side I don't think I'll have a harder training ride this winter, rode in Z4 for 1hr 2min and Z5 for 1 hr 52min! Anyone who completes the Winter Solo is a strong man! Cheers
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    I am getting this all together now. It is so good to see so many people helping out, everyone is needed and important to the day being a success. I will be at Bishopton Community Hall from 0700h, with me I will have an allocation of signs, zip ties, hi viz jackets and a note of where you are positioning yourself. The first rider is off at 0801 so please arrive to give yourself plenty of time to get into position. Please do wear the hi viz while you are marshalling (it is in the risk assessment) your own safety is your first priority on the day. Just use a bit of common sense when positioning any signs, making it reasonably visible to other road users and please remember to bring them back. You there on the day as the eyes on the course so we do want any emergency. I will have my mobile number on the hand out, give me yours and I can text you to say your work is done. Here is who I have where Start Line - Scott M Holding up - Ginty West Ferry R/about - John C Langbank R/about - Tommy & Greg B Woodhall R/about - Ian McTavish, Ian Carvill, Colin Sales Dead Turn - Karen G & Richard Newark R/about - Davic C, Paul L, Marc Exit - Chung Finish Line - Stuart I hope everyone is okay with this, please like this post if you are so I know you have seen it. Looking forward to a great event for the club.
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    Gonnae let me play with your WHEELS :-)

    Hi All, Some of you might know that I’m a bit “keen” when it comes to working on my bike(s), some might even say it’s an illness :-) Acquiring bike specific tools is also a sick obsession of mine. Recently my Campag Neutron wheels needed a bit of TLC as it was feeling rough when spinning, the hub bearings definitely need servicing, so I thought why not do it myself & in the process got a bit “carried away” in buying some fancy tools to do jobs properly - punch, bearing extractor, hub bearing press tools etc. Needless to say, it made the job(s) of servicing/replacing my Campag cup/cone bearings hubs a lot, lot easier, it would also work well on seal bearings hub too, it’s almost a pleasure to do it now rather than being a PITA job. Now I have these tools which will hopefully last me a life time & it would be a shame not to get it use more often :-) Therefore, if any club members of the Joanins have wheels that needs work on the hub bearing, then give me a buzz & we can see what I can do. Obviously this is just my desperate attempt to get the chance to mess about with my new tools, NO charges involve, you just pay for any parts needed & we can do the job together if you fancy giving it a go. I’m telling you, taking a hammer to your lovely carbon wheels hub certainly does raise your heart rate to a new level :-) I think it’s an experience every cyclist should have! Also, some of the tools I have are Campagnolo wheels specific with the cup/cone, ball bearing types, so for those of youse with higher end Campag wheels i.e Zonda, Eurus, Shamal, Bora etc & Fulcrum equivalent. Then I have these tools especially if you want to extract any damage cups that need replacing that are pressed solidly into the hubs. The need to ride our winter bike is upon us & it would make sense/good practice to examining your summer wheels to see if it needs some TLC before storage or winter ones so to face the harsh road conditions of winter. Cheers Chung
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    Anthony T

    Any nice Irish wheelers?

    Hmmm, it was me.
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    Ian Archibald

    Chaingang - Thursday 29 March 6pm

    Is their an algorithm for filtering out negativity? So depressed knowing people have such good excuses for not doing things. I’ll be along because I don’t have a life. No mates, no family, no job, no illnesses, no broken bikes, no sympathy.
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    Charlie, I can't make Sunday but I'll have my mobile on me just incase....wonder who will ring first? Pregnant wife or Charlie with broken bike....
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    The bunch going through West Kilbride, thanks to my mum getting a picture. Yes Billy I am at the back once again
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    Contrary to my post title - I managed NOT to get a soaking after all 🙂 Being Johnny-no-mates for the day, I opted to start from Glasgow instead of heading for the Bridge. Got to jump on a Bunch of "Lomond Roads" coming into Milngarvie, after introducing myself to them, I slotted into the group seamlessly since our Club colour are pretty much the same ........ very friendly Bunch of cyclist so they are 🙂 Pretty much got dropped off by them at the door step of Aberfoyle where upon it seems every cyclist in the Glasgow area was there, including Iain McTarvish & Jess. Got there so early that we sat OUTSIDE in the sun for more than an hour waiting for the Peloton to arrive - ETA 12.10noon. It was all good weather wise up till that point, but just as we were about to head up the Duke's, the heavens opened but luckily for me, I took shelter underneath a porch & stayed dry, while most must have got drenched up on the climb. Waited for the convoy & then the Race Peloton to pass, everyone (especially the Police Moto riders) look cheering & enjoying themselves, well, apart from the Riders :-) Then back down the climb & a detour with Big Ronnie Chard over the Lake of Monteith & another cafe stop in Kippon, then the Crow & home without getting wet at all. In fact, it was pretty hot later on the day, strange weather indeed! End up being a really nice day on the bike for me, loved it! Cheers
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    2nd Overall so well done to everyone I've got some medals to pass on for whoever was in the top 8
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    Frank Lauder 10, 22nd May

    Cool and windy night for our 6 riders .. some great times none the less, and well done to Richard for being the first person to win the Frank Lauder Trophy 4 years on the trot .. Richard 21.30 Gerrard 23.29 James 23.37 Scott M 23.56 AlanT 25.57 Mike 29.33 All riders paid.. Thanks to George for hawdin up, was blooming freezing
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    Audax 2018

    Cracking day for a cycle, good company and nice ice creams, now looking forward to the 300km at the end of April.
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    Chaingang 30 May 6.30pm

    With no one to be seen, it was me and the rain. Ended up doing the full route, even went for the sprint
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    Alan Michael

    Chaingang 16 May 630pm

    Good to see everyone again... was a struggle though. Burst
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    James Esus

    Chaingang 18 April 6pm

    Since it's Easter I think it's time I rise again! Remember me? I used to be well fast.... Due to my three year sabbatical I have become way too short for my weight! The only training I have been doing is cycling from Houston to Kilmalcolm with the kids and getting a fry up! So here are my chain gang and weight goals for this season, Weeks 1-2 Get to the end of the Georgetown Weight - The same as a Billy and Geo lovechild. Weeks 2-4 Get to Bishopton Weight - Greg Balden with a pair of heavy boots on. Weeks 4-6 Get over the Cote du Bishy (I named it after my famous dropping on it during the Bogs) Weight - Charlie giving Gummers a piggy back Weeks 6-8 Hang on to the bottom of the Clune Weight - Gunson/Archibald wet through Weeks 8+ Give everyone a pumping!! Weight - My right leg weighing the same as P McDonald! See you tomorrow night if my kit fits!!!
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    Sunday 20th January

    Alan not original poster but it is a main bunch not a training run and bunch rules apply and I wouldn't wish a solo coast run on anybody. If push comes to shove you could always rejoin the coast at some point i.e off the whin. Up to you but faster and longer is a relative term and should not be co-opted to exclude people especially not people who have been part of main bunch previously and maybe coming back to a bit of fitness, or actually ride a winter bike as opposed to full carbon with kid on mudguards. Let the moaning commence.
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    just noticed i got a KOM after all the best bit is that Wout van Aert, Dimitri Claeys, Jaspar Stuyven, Greg van Avermaet and Jelle Wallays were joint KOM holders so they will all have received the message.
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    Race Report: Although Dressing up as a 10ft inflatable Dinosaur(Trex) is always a good idea, doing for it aa Cross race, at night and in mud probably wasn't the best idea I have ever had! but with the support and eye rolling from the wife and kids I decided to give it a bash I had decided not to practice before the race as I felt this would just confirm how daft this would be and might put me off. I'm not one to be nervous, but this was a bit nerve wracking... visions of taking out the leaders on the last lap, or crashing through a barrier and taking out some spectators... but thats the risks when you coming to watch a cross race? I did a couple of warm up laps without the costume on and the course was pretty flat and muddy with a couple of tricky hills near the DJ booth. I put the costume on(This was a four man job) and made my way to the start line and had bit of a panic as condensation built up, people shining lights on me and a plastic tiny view port meant my visibility was pretty much Zero, I nearly hit a tree in the first few feet to the enjoyment of Chewbacca and some Zombies. I managed to get to the start and off we went, well off everyone else went and I waddled into the darkness, it was a bit hairy and I was using a lot of guess work to get around. But I was moving forward and hadn't taken out a barrier yet, this was the quiet part of course and fairly flat but once I entered the main area, Loud techno, spotlights, disco lights, kids screaming, DJ shouting here comes a T-Rex I started to question my life choices... this is where things went a bit crazy as I couldn't really see anything, the glare from the lights meant the run ups(which later I heard most people were running up) just disappeared into white light. I decided just to take a guess and go full Gas! and I made it! nah i didn't, comedy stationary spinning of the legs and my first off into the Mud of many, very many... Another thing I never thought off was how to get up of the ground, short arms and all... Somehow I did(later people had to help) and managed to waddle, fall over and get back up over the next 4 laps, missing turns, taking out several barriers, deflating as I had to dismount and carry bike... I think i was having a good time, Its how i imagine being abducted by aliens would feel like By the last lap the heat inside it was crazy and the condensation covered the view port and i was using my spidey senses to stay on the course, with my hands being on the outside I had no choice but to lick the window port clean of my own sweat so i could see, yes kids thats commitment! moving along... The crowds were was amazing and I had a group of kids running around beside shouting encouragement(you can do it Dino!) and Adults laughing very loudly as I fell flat on my face. I managed to win best fancy dress and have a fantastic collection of bruises... My first top step of a CX race(sign of things to come? hahahah) The Albannach guys put on a great event and really help me get through it(one marshall had to tuck my Dino butt in every lap), I would highly recommend HalloX to everyone! If you need any coaching on how to race in a inflatable costume, just give me a shout!
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    great turn out today, fab to have so many supporting the hill climb. Jets are too light and don't have to work night shift.
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    Well done to Marc winning the restricted gear TT Here are the times Marc - 27.31 Stuart - 28.54 Colin - 29.28 Scott - 31.50 Alan - 32.55 David - 35.55 Cable ties were too big so small ring was based on the honour system. On strava no-one has a suspiciously low cadence so it seems all the honourable and upstanding wheelers were doing the TT tonight. Chaingang must have had the cheats and rule benders
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    What could have been a solo double... Settled with the solo 56+50 and what a day! The highlights: - Almost missed the outgoing ferry - made it just in time. Didn't take into account the weight of the 4 bottles of water and the 4000 kcal of food! - Ferry full of cars meant I was out of the ferry at 0806 and a bit and by the time I found a spot for the bag of food I was around 3 mins down to start with! - Very variable wind conditions today that didn't help. At times there was Northerly winds - I might have been better doing it anti-clockwise? - First lap done with 5mins behind schedule (plan was to finish fist lap at 1050)...ferry was right there and was contemplating chunking it. Refuelled with supplies and I was 10mins behind schedule by then. A quick clac and I estimated that I would just miss the ferry if I went for the double and so opted for plan B via Ross road. - Oh Ross road! the grind up that thing (with 39x25 was not easy) and then the technical decent didn't save me much time. I did make up 7 mins but I was still 3mins down on schedule. - I lost another 2 mins (making it 5min in total) - some of it due to paying for the effort on the Ross and some on getting a cramp up Lochranza and peddling with one leg while trying to shake the other out of the cramp! - Top of Lochranza climb took a Gel and buried myself to reach just in time around 1351 for the 1355 ferry! Don't think I want to see Arran for a while now...
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    Excellent effort getting back over the Moffat to Selkirk section that is one looooong 30 odd miles and hope your various ailments are ok today. . In a perverse type of way I quite enjoyed the effort with the worst thing being the constant crap food the quiche at the old school cafe being quite simply one of the worst things I've ever eaten...luckily I had made some pieces up for the night sections so had something decent to eat at Moffat. It got cold at the end. Looking at the times if I had 3 hrs kip I would have been leaving galashiels at 730 so even trying to keep a good pace it would have been late afternoon by the time I would have finished so no go for me and would have been in bits for the rest of the day. To cap it all no steak at the black bull and burger and chips were crap..having had excellent food here before it was something I was looking forward to but at least the wine was red. Would I audax again ..maybe as a cheap 200 sportive in nice weather. Seem to have some ability to hit a sweet spot I can pretty much maintain as an effort through the day and the fact that I had distance on the computer made it mentally easier than the 400 but fundamentally I don't get it.
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    9pm bunch about 20?? 7 Jets giving a lesson on how to ride your bike... Golfers/Runners take notes. Never saw the 9.30 bunch until soup time which was Delicious thanks Sarah and Greg! Rumors were the 9.45 were masquerading as the 9.30s as some 9.30s hide in the 9.00??? next week im in the 9.15 group;) Great ride today
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    Just look at all those chrome, man!
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    Sunday 9th December - North vs South?

    Destination sunny Kilcreggan - bunch of 10 riders - Alan (Hendry), Alex, Colin Sale, Colin McPhee, Eric, Glen, Jaki, Iain Carvil/McGinty & myself made steady progress all the way to Helensburgh, where upon Colin M turned back to play in a gig later on the afternoon. We were joined part way in Helensburgh by 2 of Glen's friends who also are heading to Flanders next April, getting some km in their legs no doubt & introducing themselves to some of us Flanders bound Wheelers too! What was meant to be a quick cafe stop in Kilcreggan turned out to be anything but, the service was good but it was sloooooooooooow! A welcome tail wind on the way back up the road, but some mad drivers about which wasn't expected this time of the week but still it didn't spoil the run in good weather for December & good wheels to follow all day! Kudos to Jaki who haven't been on a bike since early October, she dug in & made it all the way round, chapeau! Probably a shorter route next Sunday ........... it was dark by the time I rocked up my front door :-/ Thanks again for the company & wheels today Cheers Chung
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    Cracking run today with sunshine too! ”Eleven” riders came out to play today - AlanT, Alex, Colin Sales (new member), Gerard, Glen, Iain Couttie, Iain C, Jaki, Tom, Marty & myself formed an orderly Bunch all the way to Kilcreggan with a cafe stop sitting OUTSIDE ...... in October enjoying the food/beverages & the sun of course! You should see the size of Iain Couttie’s omelette :-) it was the size of me head ..... but it did look delicious though, it must be because it didn’t took him long to finish it :-) Opted for the more direct route back after Helensburgh, rather than going up Sinclair Street on the return leg, straight down the coast. Good that we managed to all stayed together until the Bridge whereupon Marty & I headed home via the Westend of Glasgow. 159km by the time I limped home, I’m goosed but a brilliant day on the bike indeed! Thanks again everyone for the wheels & company! Cheers
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    Great day for time trialling. Not a lot of wind, warm, without being hot. Clocked a 62:54, which is a season's best, still over a minute outside my pb, but happy enough, given the level of training I've been doing. Only downside was one of my elbow pads fell off 20 minutes before the start, and then my Garmin died, so I had to do the run with no telemetry. Given the way my legs are feeling now, I'll take it as an improved performance level.
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    Alan McLean

    8 th July loch katrine & some

    you can take your Majorcas and your Dolomites and your Galibiers and red Skodas and swap them all for a day in sunshine in the Trossachs and Top of the World with a steak sandwich at Stronachlachar.
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    Scott M

    Chocolate Series #4, 18th April

    Dry and mild night but a bit breezy , Well done to all. All riders paid . Joseph - 19.56 Alan - 19.38 Iain C -17.37 James - 17.24 Iain M - 16.20 PB Richard 15.36 Billy 17.14
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    Robbie you will be pleased to hear my reign of terror is over. ----- Kom: Me, Marc, Galeb Intermediate: Marc, Paul Finish: Paul, Marc, me Overall standings....im bound to have missed someone out here it was a big bunch tonight. Name Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Overall Iain Mct 12 12 6 30 Paul Mcd 5 0 8 13 Marc 1 0 9 10 Darryl 1 5 0 6 Richie P 0 6 0 6 Robbie 3 3 0 6 Stevie 5 0 1 6 Ryan 0 4 1 5 Galeb 0 2 2 4 Alan T 1 1 1 3 David 1 1 1 3 Eric 1 1 1 3 Jesse 1 1 1 3 Andy 0 1 1 2 Charlie 1 1 0 2 James 1 0 1 2 John Clark 1 0 1 2 Joseph 1 0 1 2 Paul L 1 0 1 2 Anthony 0 0 1 1 Gary D 0 1 0 1 Gary K 1 0 0 1 George 0 0 1 1 Gerard 0 1 0 1 Gregg O 0 0 1 1 Ian A 1 0 0 1 Glen 0 0 1 1 Scott M 0 0 1 1 Cedric 0 0 1 1 John Craig 0 0 1 1
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    Hurray ............. I'm back home now in Glasgow! I had the most wonderful time on/off the bike in this mini tour of Flanders of mine for the last 11 days & thank you to all the well wishes & interest in my rambling :-) To finish off, I thought I would share some numbers & thoughts on this trip! 11 Days 6 different hotels 6 different cities 3 countries 710km 2 Cyclo/Sportive No Punctures - how lucky is that! No mechanical ............ not lucky, just due to my meticulous maintenance & planning obviously :-) I am so glad I did this as I have been thinking /talking about it for the last few years, it was as good, if not better than everything I had imagine before, Belgium (Flanders specifically) is a country I really like, not only just for cycling, but I love the landscape, architecture, culture & most importantly the people. I would most definitely go back again & explore other parts! At first, I was a bit apprehensive doing this trip solo, but in the end I really enjoyed the solitude of being on my own at times. But then, I suppose I was lucky that I had great company also with the Mulholland family in the beginning & joining in with the Pave-ers at the end, which meant I had lots of familiar face through out. Not to mention, Phil Malcolm in the middle :-) of the trip, so I thank all of them for that! Before I left Lille, Paul was talking about doing the "Amstel Gold" Sportive (the day before the Pro race) it sounds great & it's usually on the weekend after Roubaix, so that's got me thinking ............ Until next time, thanks for reading & I'll see youse all out on the road very soon! Cheers Chung
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    Chung doing his best to drop Ruairi Mulhooligan on the kapelmuur. Looking forward v pro.
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    Gerard Deeley

    Sam Dooley 25m TT 25 August 2019

    Thank you to everyone who helped out today. The event went really well and we had some great rider feedback about the day. Just in case, if anyone notices any of the signs still up then let me know.
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    Elaine Muirhead

    Wednesday 26th June

    The final “taster” session of the summer for the women's rides. Meet at the clubrooms at 6:45pm for 15 mile ride. Thinking, bowfield, greenacres, gleniffer road and back. Usual tea and biscuits post ride.
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    Elaine Muirhead

    Womens’s Only Ride 29/05/2019

    Great ride again last night, despite the weather. 7 ladies left the club rooms for a 15 mile ride and returned for a lovely cup of tea and chocolate hobnob......or two! Thanks to Karen for leading last nights route. Thanks to Jane for her support too.
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    Over the Hill and back 400km Audax

    You were not the only ones who went into the wrong service station, me and Duncan wet into one after which he confidently declared we only had 80kms to go and 20k to Moffat after riding hard for 40 odd minutes we still had no sight of signs for Moffat and see just about to turn back when John arrived with old skool technology (a map) and told us we had not even made it to Johnstone bridge yet. Last 65kms I hated, don't know if this is a function of not having distance or time on my computer as it seemed that no matter how hard I pushed Selkirk would never appear. Physically ok for me but don't know if I want to do it enough to actually get enjoyment out of the challenge. Weather was actually ok and rode in shorts throughout. You pair deserve a lot of credit for finishing I could not have spent that much time suffering on the bike, I would have chucked I. and your right if you just look at maintaining a low average speed it might look physically achievable with little prep neede but there is more to it than that.
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    Jets roller sessions start this week

    26 Jets signed up for a winter of roller training. Going to be busy in the club rooms on Thursday nights from now till the clocks change back.
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    charlie p

    8 th July loch katrine & some

    I said it would be an epic ride and epic it was. Some smashing scenery on a cracking day
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    Wednesday 27 th

    Darryl & Paul, this one is homage to you two :-)
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    Sunday 20th May

    No sweating, as the gentlemen of the main bunch allowed me to sit in all day. Took the occasional foray to the front when there was a chance of casual spectators but made sure only to glass crank it while there. Fabulous day out, the Moretti tasted just fine back at the sponsors hoose.
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    Angie Macdonald 25, 13th May

    Conditions were light rain, cool with almost no wind. Out leg was good, better than last year but died badly at 18 miles, losing minutes after that. 1.11.41 represents my worst time ever on any course, but you get the results based on your level of training. Bloody freezing after the finish, really glad of those bacon rolls. Just as well I wasn’t expecting much today, because that’s what I got.
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    Enjoyed the run today - both bunch pace to Helensburgh and a slightly more gentlemanly pace back via Sinclair Street, Monkey House and West Glen. Is that me finished reliability 3 then?
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    Audax 2018

    Good write up by Paul and have to say it was a cracking day on the bike through great countryside and with good company. As Paul mentioned there were a few mishaps along the way with the biggest being the eating part, mainly existed on garbage and E numbers and we must be the 3 biggest numpties of the audax given that we rode through Alynwick and loads of eateries whilst all starving and had to endure lasagne-gate at Coldstream. For whatever reason I felt pretty fresh at the end but suspect this was to do with quite a favourable wind and not just the one emitting from Paul. All told I reckon I could do a 400 but less sure of my willingness just the riding through the night part seems a bit ......daft, but that said I would probably allow myself to get talked into it. To add to Pauls list of lessons. After a rubbish nights sleep, chilling out with a bottle of beer when I got home rather than going to bed wired would probably have been a help. Up early today and got loads done in the garden but I will crash and burn soon.....
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    Flander Tours Day 4 & 5 Day 4 No cycling I’m afraid, not even watching the real Ronde! Just a day of being a tourist & nothing bike related! Day 5 Hooked up with Phil Malcolm & co again, for a morning coffee in Ghent, then he kept me company along the way to Brugge, my next stop for the next 2 nights. A very pleasant ride indeed, with good chat & local knowledge/custom supplied by my companion for the day, thanks Phil! Its my second time in Brugge but a lot busier than I remembered it, it’s jam pack with tourist (myself included of course), and with the scenery, no wonder Phil calls it the “Disneyland” of Belgium Still, it’s a pretty town/city & it was good to be back! I think I’ll go for another wee bike ride tomorrow :-) Cheers