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    Dave C

    Sunday 19th January : Dunlop Dairy

    Three braved the chill, Boyd, Mitch and myself.After a dodgy iced track to Morrison's, changed route to main roads and headed along Beith Road and up Bowfield hill to Lugton, Dunlop (Deep-water Fell) and on to Dairy for tea, coffee and scones. Dairy now has a coffee machine and can now do cappuccino, latte, flat white etc.Headed back same route in crisp clear air. Thanks to Mitch and Boyd for the company. Dave I cannot come out next week,so if someone wants to post up a route for the 26th, i can put it on the WhatsApp thingy.
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    Ok. Meeting Lynsey at the fire station at 9 05. So Plan A prevails and we can tackle the Auchenlodment Rd after all; my favoured ascent of the mighty Braes.
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    Sunday 19th January : Dunlop Dairy

    Good run today - but it showed up just how much fitness has been lost. Thanks to Dave and Mitch for waiting at the top of every incline, and to Mitch for the coffee and scone at the cafe.
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    Club Runs Calendar

    Evening Folks, As many have probably seen, and many have probably heard my grumblings, the club is keen to get more bodies on the road!! To this end, I have designed a calender with all the Sundays until August on it. PURPOSE: To allow riders to plan the rides they can attend, have a user friendly clear view of rides and routes coming up and encourage members to ride together. A few things to note please. 1. The ride captain/ Road captian is not a hard and fast dictator style post, rather an experienced member who can keep tabs on the pace and any person who is falling out the back. It also provides a single point of contact for any new joiners/ inexperienced bunch riders. 2. I will not dictate to YOU, the bunch riders, where we go. If you want a route, tell me or if possible update the sheet. 3. The first Sunday, shall be utilised as a Big ride. Possibly an earlier start, something for a whole day. This can be moved with the general agreement of most members. This idea should allow a certain level of planning, allowing more riders out and about. For me certainly, I know what shift I am on until the end of time. Sooo, this means I can see the days off I want, begin the bargaining with the wife, and sort out child care. I have set out a variety of rides. These can be adjusted. I will post on a Tues / weds on the forum, as well as put out a WhatsApp notification. This is a trial idea and may continue with support from bunch members. ANY ideas for development, criticisms or praise are welcome. However, if you wholly disagree, please be polite and civil and message me directly. I will be happy to speak with anyone. Gang Forward!! JWCC Club Run Calender .xlsx pdf JWCC Club Run Calender .pdf
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    Cyclocross races on YouTube

    In case you've missed them, there are loads of free-to-watch 'cross races on GCN's racing channel on YouTube. Ideal if you're killing time on the turbo (or just killing time.) Highly recommended: the women's Waaslandcross Sint-Niklaas, and the men's Loenhout round of the DVV Trofee**. ** Watch this one! Watch this one!