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JWCC Events through SC/BC in 2018

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I have received the following from Scottish Cycling today


As a club we organised the following events through Scottish Cycling / British Cycling in 2017

  • Don Smith Memorial Ride - Organiser K Steele
  • JWCC Road Race (Habbie Habble) as part of SC West Series (Organiser A Gumley)
  • Sam Dooley Memorial 25m TT - normally September - Organiser K Steele
  • Five Bella Crits (organised by the Jets) as part of the SC West Youth Series - Organisers M Mulholland / K Steele
  • BC Regional Youth Omnium - Organiser K Steele


Are we willing to organise / support these events again in 2018?

Are we doing too much?

Are there any other events that we should look at hosting?

Are there any other members that would be willing to take on any of the above events or other events


Discussion and feedback welcomed please prior to the 23rd August in order that we can conclude what we would like to support for the 2018 season


Thanks, Kenny



Dear all


2018 Calendar Compilation


To get the wheels in motion, I’d like to say a massive thank you to all the event organisers and clubs who organised events in 2017 – as volunteers, you are the backbone of our sport and your hard work is appreciated by all competitors and especially Scottish Cycling!


We, as the Scottish Cycling Events Team are supporting the process of calendar compilation in the West region. Lauren, your new RDO will be in post as the process continues and she will be present at the calendar compilation meeting. In the meantime, if you have any queries about calendar compilation, please direct them to [email protected]


The official 2018 calendar compilation process has now begun, and we hope you are as excited about the coming year as we are.


To help the Events Team at Scottish Cycling HQ to compile a calendar that is timely and accurate, the first step is for us to compile our Regional calendars.  Below, I have collated some information that should help you to pull together the information we need to be able to submit the calendar to the Events Team.  Please take your time to read the following information and at the bottom of this email, you will find your actions.


General Guidance

·         Until the event dates are confirmed by the Scottish Cycling Events Team directly with organisers, all events are on requested dates only.

·         Following confirmation of event dates, all events should be registered by Christmas 2017.

·         The Events Team and I are here to support you as part of this process and throughout event registration – don’t be afraid to ask!

·         Please find attached;

o   2018 Event Calendar Compilation Information; to provide further information and the timeline of the 2018 process.


National Championships and Series Events

·         Applications to host these events in road, track and time trial are now open and will close on 1st September 2017.

·         Set dates have been identified for 2018 National Championships and have been identified on the Regional calendars – organisers are asked to respect these dates.

·         Please find attached;

o   2018 National Event Application Information & Guidelines; for anyone looking for more information on organising and delivering a National Championship or Series Event.

·         You must submit your application to host a National event here.


Regional Series and Championship Events

·         These events will be discussed at the meeting.

·         If you would like your event to be considered for a Regional Championship or Series event, please let me know prior to the meeting.


Preparing for Calendar Compilation: Your Actions

·         The Regional calendar meeting will be held;

o   Date: 30th August 2017

o   Time: 7pm

o   Location: NGB1, Emirates Arena, Glasgow

·         At least one representative from each club is encouraged to attend.  Without representation, your event may not be discussed.

·         Before the meeting, please engage with your club members and discuss, together, your intentions for the 2018 season and begin to think about the date(s) you would like to request.

·         You will find attached, two documents;

o   2018 Calendar Compilation Regional Agenda; a brief agenda that we will follow during our regional calendar compilation meeting

o   2017 Regional Calendar; a summary of events that took place in our Region during 2017 that will act as a reminder.

o   2018 Regional Event Request Register; which I ask you to complete and email to [email protected]k by Monday 28th August – it is key that all fields are completed for each event on this form, otherwise your event may not be confirmed for your requested date.  This document also includes a list of event classifications.


Road Race and Closed Circuit Only

·         As you will now be aware, all road courses must be risk assessed by British Cycling

·         For a list of road courses currently registered in the region, follow this link:

o   Scottish Cycling West

·         Scottish Cycling must make any new course requests to British Cycling six months in advance of an event,

·         All new course requests will be approved by the Region before the request is submitted to the Events Team.

·         If you would like to request a course for 2018, please email me with as much information as possible on the course (including a route map) and your justification for the requirement for a new course.


As a team, we are very excited to begin the process for 2018 and are committed to supporting our Event Organisers to bring together the 2018 calendar in a timely manner, and to deliver another year of fantastic events in 2018!


If you have any questions at all, please let me know.


Many thanks and we look forward to seeing you on the 30th.


Sarah and Morven

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Go-Ride Youth Cycling in Renfrewshire



    Switching to the Big Ring

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Hi Kenny always enjoyed the Don Smith but never participated in others. The habbie Habble looks like it will be a success, so think we have it about right on road races, as I know both take a lot of organisation. Can't talk for Jets and TT races, as never been involved




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I think we should keep the Habbie Habble (he says)

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    Switching to the Big Ring

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At the regional meeting can you (or whoever is going on behalf of the club) bring up the subject of clubs, that have multiple riders racing, not putting on any races themselves with the burden falling on the same clubs, year after year.


I dont do much compared to yourself and Andy (and in previous years Chung and others) but it annoys me a bit giving up time to let some of these guys race whereas on the other hand I'd happily give up the time to let those from the couriers, nightingales, vcgs and others to race, because they will do the same when it is their turn.


I realise not every club is big enough to host a race but perhaps introduce some system that if someone is a member of a non contributing club and they want race starts then they have to do their bit and marshal (or whatever) at a race hosted by neighbouring club.

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    Switching to the Big Ring

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Strangely enough, this was how the WoSCA (now the SC West) Series started out. Priority to those riders in clubs who were organising races in the series

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Go-Ride Youth Cycling in Renfrewshire

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