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  1. Sunday 25th Feb Reliability Run #4

    Speedy recovery mate
  2. Sunday 25th Feb Reliability Run #4

    Everything ok Darryl?
  3. Winter Single Arran Sat 17th

    Nae luck at all Paul! Sounds like a great effort from Galeb, he'll probably just be on dry land now . Count me in for attempt number 2....
  4. Winter Single Arran Sat 17th

    All the best men
  5. Winter Single Arran Sat 17th

    Would of normally been up for it Paul but I've not been feeling great this week and night shift Friday, sorry. Might make the bogs bunch though...
  6. Winter Bogs

    Cheers lads, legs are absolutely shredded! Looking forward to some scran and a couple of beers tonight - Athlete.
  7. Winter Bogs

    Sounds like a plan Paul
  8. Winter Bogs

    Positive vibes as always Paul let's do it
  9. Winter Bogs

    Whats the feeling for tomorrow people? Think I'd rather get wet with the bogs bunch than frozen and break a leg on the Reliability.
  10. Sunday Feb 11th Reliability #2 Moscow Revolution

    Hoping to make this
  11. Good luck with that Jan!
  12. Antenatal class that day unfortunately, shoot me now!
  13. Winter Bogs

    Sorry Charlie had a great spin with Eric today in tremendous conditions blue sky and lovely dry roads, take care in the Hurricane tomorrow.
  14. Chung trip sounds amazing mate, just for info I had a 14 litre saddle bag and small top tube bag for NC500 which was sufficient for me. 18-20litres would be grand.
  15. Winter Bogs

    Unfortunately not going to get out either