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  1. Sorry Ross. Now sold, only got the stem left for sale.
  2. Audax 2018

    A few pictures from a tremendous long day out......
  3. Audax 2018

    Will see how Saturday goes first
  4. Audax 2018

    No Luck Eric, we will organise a 400km next for all of us to participate in Paul, I am planning to go, pm me to organise transport.
  5. Hi Anthony i no longer need it, so not getting used, so any decent offer will be accepted
  6. Not 100% certain, looks to me a 110mm.
  7. A couple of parts surplus after the purchase of my new Cervelo. FSA SLK stem 3d forged and a Fizik Antares VS saddle. Also got a Garmin speed sensor hub mounted, plus a Garmin Cadence sensor. Anyone want to make me an offer for any item?
  8. Chocolate Series #2 4th April

    Well that saves me standing in the cold and rain for 20 minutes
  9. Chocolate Series #2 4th April

    I will help shoving people off.
  10. Chocolate Series 2018 #1, 28th March

    If needed, I can help shove people off...
  11. Audax 2018

    Cracking day for a cycle, good company and nice ice creams, now looking forward to the 300km at the end of April.
  12. this Saturday 10th march

    See you at Lorimers , jimmy is joining us
  13. this Saturday 10th march

    Red smiddy at 8??