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  1. Frank Lauder 10, 22nd May

    Well done Richard! Legend
  2. Loan of Kids bike?

    hahah yes sounds fair
  3. Loan of Kids bike?

    I might have something in the Garage, I will check when I get home. Hey do you still have that SRAM chainset I gave you? mine has bust!
  4. Chocolate Series #5, 15th May

    Sorry cant make it now, enjoy
  5. Frank Lauder 10, 22nd May

    I will ride it enough helpers? if not I will timekeep... wouldn't want to miss JWCC history in the making as Richard goes for 4 titles in a row
  6. It gets early ever year?! 29th July 2018 But this looks like a good day out with 2 races for everyone, it should be warm and fast with very little mud If anyone fancies it give us a shout and I can sort you out with a CX bike, although you could probably do this on a road bike https://www.entrycentral.com/event/108570
  7. League of 10 #2, 2nd May

    Cheers guys gor timekeeping and pushing... cold one!
  8. League of 10 #2, 2nd May

    From memory some peole who have won the Chocolate have got sub 26mins on westferry in same year... just not previously
  9. Cool Ross send me some details
  10. League of 10 #2, 2nd May

  11. League of 10 #2, 2nd May

    I have a 2gb hard drive I could bring along if it helps? Low pressure is good, but the air density tonight is sitting at 1.2345 kg/m³ which i quite high so i'm expecting a slow time due to weather conditions
  12. Looking for a small mountain bike for my Daughter, disc brakes preferable
  13. Fantasy Giro 18?

    team picked and ready to go... As Chris Froome has never failed a drugs test I have decided to pick him, oh wait
  14. League of 10 #2, 2nd May

    I'm a maybe... traffic dependant