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  1. Sunday 25th Feb Reliability Run #4

    I will be out @ 9.30 and will bring some cakes
  2. Sunday 18th Reliability #3 Sinclair Street

    Good run today, nice to see so many out, the soup was amazing! Post the recipe Alan
  3. Millport 15 April

    I am
  4. Sunday 18th Reliability #3 Sinclair Street

    9.30 will bring a napkin and a spoon
  5. Won't be making this now... now where did I put my muddies
  6. That was a tough one Davie, blizzard at the end was laughable. looking forward to last race next week
  7. 2nd in the Series and I have been demoted to the B race after finishing in bottom 5 in last race, should have just stopped running with my bike and got a DNF Looking forward to this one as its the preview for the British Champs course, whos going?
  8. Got to love the Strathclyde course its got a bit of everything, Myself and David got gridded(another first) but followed the outside line at the start and ran into a swamp and lost a good few spots, this is why checking the course out is a must Davie had a another mechanical on lap one and I thought that would be the last I saw of him. I had the family pit crew today and and did a couple of bike changes... having a clean bike was great and help me maintain my place and gain a few, but checking the brakes on your spare bike before a race is a must . On the last lap I saw Davie not far behind on the red gravel climb and put a few digs in I thought I was safe as I came to the finish line and stopped pedaling and rolled towards the line just as I crossed I saw a flash of blue and yellow as Davie sprinted across the line... cheeky **** luckily my forward momentum due to extra muscle I carry placed me ahead of him although we got the same time, but great recovery from him from a mechanical(again) Thats the series over for this year and out of the 230 riders We placed 33rd and 37th which aint too bad, Davie would have been close to the top 20 if he hadn't had so many mechanicals this year, a few more races left if anyone fancies jumping in the pond!
  9. Paul, I just wanted to say that unfortunatley I won't be able to attend the Strathclyde Cyclo-cross as I first intended to! I had two weeks ago a proposition to make the cyclone24 race...

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Cedric


      Would you be able to give a lift and may be a bike for the race?

    3. PaulL


      Yeah that should be fine, do you have a bike or need one?

    4. Cedric


      I have one, but I actually need to change the bottom bracket. I expect (and hope to have the time) to do it next week. If I can't I don't have bike.

  10. Train! Race ride out if weather nice to watch a couple of cobble sections back for beire and frites in velodrome and catch finish
  11. Top idea for watching from velodrome! need tickets
  12. Paul I'm good with the Thursday dates, the 9.30 train back might be a bit close with the Eurostar? But im sure you have looked at this, it says you need to ring up to book bike on, are you happy to book the journey and i can transfer the cash straight away? it would be good if we all managed to get on same trains/eurostar. let me know cheers I also dont mind Chungs idea for ferry, but I dont think DavieB wants to take the ferry
  13. Sorry to miss it racing in Strathclyde ... hope its a good one
  14. Jets showing the Wheelers how it was done today, Total mudfest 60mins of torture but bike still in one piece(barely) closest Ive come to chucking a race haha