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Johnstone Wheelers Cycling Club – “Confined To Club” Events

What are confined events and who can ride them?

Confined events are training rides/events run by the club that are open only to fully paid up club members and prospective club members (full details can be found on the Club Constitution).  They are usually in the format of timed rides over a set distance, but occasionally comprise of group bunch training rides.

As all confined events are held on public roads, all riders are responsible for their own safety and equipment, and must comply with all relevant laws on public roads, as well as the Scottish Cycling guidelines for confined events (which includes no members of any other club riding the event).

Who actually runs them?

The JWCC committee will set the calendar of events for each year and will usually post on confined events section of The Bunch a week or so before each event, indicating where, when, what, etc.  It is then up to club members to volunteer to time keep and collect the £3 entry (junior/youth are free).

All club members participating in confined events are expected to do their fair share of time keeping for confined events, if in doubt about time keeping, please refer to other club members that have experience of time keeping (it is really not rocket science!).

There will be a maximum of 25 riders at each event

What type of confined events are run by JWCC?

  • Restricted gear individual Time Trial.  This is a time trial (TT) with a restriction of the size of gear you can use.  The restriction is on the biggest (hardest) gear that you can use which is a 39*13 (81 inch) or equivalent (usually restricted by use of a cable tie or similar).
  •  2-up time trial.  This is a team TT with 2 riders working together to cover the course distance in the quickest time possible.  The time is stopped as the second rider crosses the line.  You will need to find a buddy of similar ability, or be lucky enough to have a faster rider "drag" you round.
  • Individual Time Trial.  This is where individual riders set off to cover a set course distance in the quickest possible time.  Distances covered for JWCC confined events are typically 7.2miles, 10miles and 25miles, but other distances are not uncommon.
  • Hilly Time Trial.  This is a TT on a hilly/undulating course, typically about 10miles.
  • Hill Climb.  This is an TT on a short steep hill, typically no longer than half a mile.

Where do JWCC hold their confined events?

The confined events are usually run on the same roads every year, but due to roadworks or other issues, they are sometimes moved around.  The following is the usual location/courses:

  • Georgetown Road (usually for 2-up TT and Chocolate series).  This is the road that runs from Inchinnan to Crosslee (B790, known officially as Houston Road).  The course runs from entrance to the military base at the Inchinnan end of the road, up to the roundabout at Crosslee (intersection of the B789) and returns to finish opposite the start.
  • Westferry (usually for 10mile TT).  This course starts under the railway bridge on the A8 Geenock Road, adjacent to junction 31 of the M8 motorway.  The course then runs down to junction 31 (West Ferry roundabout), where it joins the A8 (now dual carriageway, not motorway).  It continues straight through the roundabout at Langbank, straight through (A8) the roundabout at Woodhall, before turning around at the roundabout at Newark (Port Glasgow) to return the east bound carriageway, finishing at the end of the slipway off the A8 at West Ferry (turn off A8 before it turns to M8 at junction 31).
  • Uplawmoor (usually for 25mile TT).  The Uplawmoor course starts on the A736, approximately a third of the way from Uplawmoor to Barrhead, at the layby of a disused garage/yard.  The course then runs down the A736 Lochlibo Road to the roundabout (junction of Lochlibo Road and Cairnmount Road), where it turns and heads back up the A736.  The finish is a few hundered metres passed the start (towards Barrhead) at a layby (with a gate that leads to a farm bridge over the railway).
  • Elliston Hill, Howwood (usually for Hill Climb).  The Elliston hill climb course is on the unnamed back road to Bowfield, approx. 250m west of Howwood, just off the B787 (approx. 100m east of Elliston Grill restaurant). The start is at the road sign adjacent to the gateway on the left of the road (facing uphill), with the finish being level with the top of the gateway that forms the entrance to the marked footpath (“Land Rover” track) that runs to the east (note this is not the top of the actual hill).

Confined Events

The following links takes you to the list of JWCC confined events, an breif history of the event/trophy and how to win them.

Chocolate Series. This is a TT series open to people who have not ridden a 10-mile TT in under 26minutes. Full details and history can be found here. 


Confined Events Calendar

The Johnstone Wheelers event calendar can be found here.

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