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Club Runs

Club Runs generally happen on a Sunday morning although, depending on interest, members will often arrange ad hoc runs on a Saturday or even during the week.
The Club's messageboard The Bunch is the place to find out exactly who's doing what as well as the where and when. Click here, register and make yourself known. You'll be on the road in no time
Sundays 9:00am      Thirty Milers Run
Leaves from the Club Room on Miller Street at 9 o'clock sharp
Specifically aimed at the following:-
  • those starting out with the club who wish to learn and improve their fitness with others at a similar level
  • those returning to the club who hope some day to be able to go out on a full club run again
  • those restricted for time on a Sunday for whatever reason
  • those who just want a bit of company on a Sunday morning
Limited to an approximate distance of 30miles, over a couple of hours, making use of the cycle track and fairly easy local roads. Routes planned a few days in advance (almost) and an agreement to wait (within reason) at the top of the hills if we find any.
The initial goal is to get riders up to a level that they are comfortable with and to attract new members who may otherwise be put off by higher speed, long distances, or full day excursions
Sundays 9:30am      Club Run
Leaves from the Club Room on Miller Street at 9:30am sharp
For the more adventurous the full club run, depending on the time of year, weather, route, etc.. can cover between 40 and 70 miles. A general route is outlined  but don't be surprised to find a few quiet back routes thrown in as well as a few hills. Occassionally the group will have a cafe stop.
The pace of this run is slightly faster than the Thirty Milers and again, and an agreement to wait (within reason) at the top of any hills
This pages serves only as a guideline. Details of all Club Runs are posted on The Bunch

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